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coating and converting technologiesMost companies can’t do it all in-house. Often it is in a business’ best interests to outsource certain projects. This saves money, time, and hassle. At Conversion Technologies International, we specialize in adding important elements to a product. This could include adhesives, lamination, or coatings. To do this, we utilize the latest coating and converting technologies and tools.

Our five-step process

To ensure our customers get what they need, we follow a very specific process that has five steps.

Step 1: Consultation

In order to determine if we can provide you with what you need, we’ll begin with a free consultation. We will discuss your goals and figure out how we can help you meet them.

Step 2: R&D

The next step involves our research and development facilities. Our expert engineers will work with our coating and converting technologies to develop the solution for your product. We have a broad range of available equipment and materials with which to work. Purposely, we have designed our equipment in a modular arrangement so that we can replicate most manufacturing elements.

Step 3: Samples

Throughout this process, we can create sample products. These will offer great insight into their capabilities and functionality.

Step 4: Trial run

We can simulate production conditions. With some finished products, you will be able to test them. You can also gauge the production process to see if it meets your needs.

Step 5: Production

Once you have decided that your product is perfect, the final step is production. At that stage, our production facilities can meet any volume requirements you may have.

Our services

Adhesive coatings

We offer the right coating solution for an assortment of materials. These include latex, silicone, and urethane.


In order to achieve the best outcome with lamination, we can use a variety of techniques. Slot die, hot roll, and spray coating are a few examples.

Slitting and die cutting

We provide cutting from sheet or rolled form. The materials we frequently work with include paper, foam, and cloth.

Moreover, CTI has worked with partners in most industries, including roofing, automotive and textile products.

Trust CTI for the best coating and converting technologies

If you plan to invest in product development, you have to know you will get the highest possible ROI. You can be sure of this with Conversion Technologies International as a partner. Today, to learn what we can do for your company, contact us.