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contract manufacturerUnless a company has an unlimited budget or resources, some outsourcing is usually necessary. This is especially true for the manufacturing of products. Not all components or assembly can take place in-house, which is why a contract manufacturer is so useful. At CTI, we have been helping companies finalize their products for years. We provide three essential services:

Adhesive Coatings

No matter what materials require adhesive coating, our technicians will provide the best solution. We have experience with many different materials and the unique challenges they can present. Our equipment is ideal for latex, silicone, acrylic, and more. We can also make products water-repellant and fire-retardant.


Many companies opt for a contract manufacturer for lamination because the process requires specialized equipment. At CTI, we have the latest laminating tools. Our techniques include gravure coating, belt lamination spray coating, hot roll, and more.

Slitting and die cutting

We provide customized slitting and die cutting services for a number of different materials. These include cardboard, cloth, foam, paper, vinyl, and more. We use flat-bed die cutters for the most precise cutting.

The benefits of using a contract manufacturer

Companies rely on a contract manufacturer for several reasons, including to:

  • Better use their budgets – Buying equipment or hiring specialists can be extremely expensive.
  • Get the work done faster – With experienced professionals and top-quality machinery, contractors can complete the process quickly and efficiently.
  • Have access to experts – When things run smoothly, it may not matter who does the job. But, if there are issues or problems to address, you will be happy to have experts on hand.

Contact CTI to discuss your project

We want to help you bring your product to life. If you need any coating, laminating, or cutting services, get in touch with us. One of our experts will talk to you about your project and what CTI can offer you.