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custom laminating servicesIn many instances, lamination is a key component of a product. This is especially true when an item will come into contact with extreme temperatures. Lamination can also help a product achieve a longer lifespan. Many companies, however, do not have laminating capabilities. They may not have the resources to invest in the expensive tools and machinery. Nor do they have people on their staff with the knowledge or the budget to hire them. This is where custom laminating services can be extremely beneficial.

CTI can devise the best solutions for your lamination needs

The pros at CTI have many years of experience with lamination. We have worked with an assortment of material types. These include vinyl, fiberglass, rubber, and many kinds of fabrics. For our custom lamination, we utilize the latest equipment.

Through our use of modular equipment, we are able to configure exactly the combination of machinery required for your product. Our goal is to produce your component or finished product using the most cost-efficient and quality-driven methods.

We also employ a variety of techniques, including gravure and roll coating, slot die, and hot roll and belt lamination. If necessary, we can use a powered adhesive during the laminating process. The result is a stretchable lamination. In addition, we can utilize water-based adhesives.

Several industries benefit from custom laminating services

At CTI, we have supplied laminating services to customers in many industries. An automotive customer came to us because they needed a non-woven material laminated to aluminum. We came up with a solution that quickly met their approval. Another customer needed to have a water barrier added to a personal absorbent product. Using our water-based gravure technique, we developed the ideal end result.

Get in touch to discuss your lamination project

If you do not want to take on the costly endeavor of in-house lamination, CTI can help. Whatever products you produce, we can supply you with the custom laminating services you need. To get the process started, contact us for a free quote.