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hot melt adhesiveTo be sure that essential parts of your product stick together firmly, you need to use the right adhesives. While there are many options available, a hot melt adhesive may be the best choice. In addition to providing a very strong adhesive, hot melt offers these benefits:

  • Bonding of non-porous surfaces
  • Quickly completed work
  • Extended shelf life of the product
  • Eco-friendly materials

Hot melt adhesive types

There are a variety of different adhesives that use a hot melting technique, such as:

Polyamide – This is a polymer that can create an adhesive resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures. Polyamide is particularly good when high heat is a big concern.

Ethylene vinyl acetate – This is a common hot melt adhesive typically used for assembling products. It is an economical choice to use in packaging as well.

Polyurethane – After polyurethane becomes solid, it absorbs moisture, fostering a chemical change. As a result, the adhesive is more resistant to both chemicals and heat. Woodworking projects commonly require polyurethane.

Polypropylene – Common for spray formulations, polypropylene is another adhesive ideal for a wide range of temperatures.

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