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water based pressure sensitive adhesivesA pressure-sensitive adhesive is something that keeps two surfaces together by external pressure. Of course, there are different types of adhesives and finding the right one depends on the requirements of a product. In some cases, dry adhesives can be effective, as they do not need anything like water or heat to activate. However, in many instances, water based pressure sensitive adhesives might be the best choice. And, these adhesives are ideal for many materials, including plastic, metal, and paper.

The Advantages of Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Companies choose water based pressure sensitive adhesives for a variety of different reasons. While solvent-based adhesives are a popular choice, they can be expensive. Plus, there are restrictions on the processing. Thus, a water-based adhesive provides a more cost-effective option because there are fewer steps involved. In addition, some processes commonly use water-based adhesives for safety reasons.

Trust Conversion Technologies International for All of Your Adhesive Needs

When it comes to laminates and adhesives, CTI is the expert. Simply put, it is more feasible for most manufacturers to contract this process to us. As a contract manufacturer, we have equipped our facility with cutting-edge technology so that our customers don’t have to make that investment. We have created effective solutions for companies in numerous industries, including roofing, construction, and automotive. And, we can work with pretty much any material. Our experts are familiar with acetate, silicone, latex, neoprene, acrylic, and many others. For example, some of the substrates we have handled include vinyl, textiles, foam, and films. In addition to water-based adhesives, we can also produce coatings that are fire retardant and water repellent.

Extensive Research and Development Capabilities

In fact, one reason why businesses choose Conversion Technologies International is because of our onsite testing facilities. With our specialized equipment and experienced engineers, we can devise the most effective solutions for new or existing products. You will get technical expertise without having to invest a lot of cash on your own tools or staff. Learn more about our process here and contact us for any questions or for a quote on your project.