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contract manufacturerA good contract manufacturer is an invaluable resource for manufacturers of all kinds. Contract manufacturers fill the gaps in production that can bedevil even the most advanced production lines. When you have short-notice orders, small-run custom products, or help filling large orders, contract manufacturing gets it done.

Conversion Technologies International is one of America’s premier contract manufacturers for the rolled and sheet goods industries. We have advanced, flexible capabilities that our competitors don’t. Those capabilities are what enable us to create truly client-focused solutions!

Custom Laminations

Cutting-edge lamination solutions are a key part of how we create value for our clients. We can laminate a huge variety of materials, from rubber to cork to fiberglass.

In addition, our advanced capabilities enable us to create solutions like this one. The client came to us with a problem they weren’t sure was solvable, but solutions are what we do. In fact, our customizable, modular manufacturing processes helped us devise a unique process for non-woven-to-aluminum lamination.

Adhesive Coatings

Adhesive coatings are often a costly and capital-intensive part of the rolled goods manufacturing process. However, our engineers designed our contract manufacturing process to allow maximum flexibility in designing adhesive solutions.

As a result, we have arranged our facilities so that manufacturing processes can be easily reconfigured. We can source the materials your project needs from our wide network of distributors. Then, our R&D-friendly floor plan offers you the tools you need to design a truly efficient process.

Slitting and Die-Cutting

Slitting and die-cutting is another key process that requires specialized equipment. Our facility comes equipped with a 150-ton flatbed die press that can perform a wide variety of cuts. Also, we offer slitting and sheeting services. One of our automotive clients struggled with how to efficiently sheet and die cut their headliner material. CTI’s solutions enabled them to effectively integrate the material into their supply chain.

Let Us Be Your Go-To Contract Manufacturer

At CTI, we’re equipped to help you succeed. We’re a rolled goods contract manufacturer that’s ready to take on the toughest challenges of your manufacturing process. In fact, we have served most industries, from automotive and roofing to consumer goods. Then, from R&D to finished products, our process maintains the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Moreover, don’t make the investment in expensive machinery until you are certain of the final process required. That’s where we come in! We have the equipment and expertise to help determine the most efficient methodology to manufacture your product. Today, call us at 419-924-5566 for a free quote or contact us online.