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Contract Manufacturing DefinitionWhen manufacturers create products, they are often not quite ready for the market. Often, these products require an extra step before they are ready for sale. This finishing process can add value, strength, and more to the product. Since this is such an important part of the success of your product, why take a chance on cost or quality? Trust only the experts with this crucial piece of your business. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) provides a range of services to help manufacturers in all industries succeed. In fact, they are experts in a wide range of materials for specialized contract manufacturing. Wondering what the contract manufacturing definition is? Give their experts a call today to see how its benefits can help your business.

Contract Manufacturing Definition

Not all companies understand the contract manufacturing definition – but the process is the basis of CTI’s business. They know that many manufacturers don’t want to invest in machinery and manpower for coating, lamination and other component processes. It doesn’t matter if it’s lack of capital, materials, expertise, time or space. CTI can help manufacturers by handling these aspects of manufacturing. In fact, products will meet higher standards, based on CTI’s skill and experience.

So, what exactly is contract manufacturing? It describes a situation wherein a company, like CTI, handles an aspect of the manufacturing process. Clients provide CTI with raw or semi-finished goods. CTI then laminates or coats products with a range of materials for the client. This process cuts down on the manufacturer’s investment and expenses and produces the strongest possible product.

Unlike toll manufacturing arrangements, contract manufacturing allows CTI to serve the clients in key ways. First, CTI can help source materials or products for clients. Plus, they can create custom products rather than simply enhancing a product. As such, this arrangement allows CTI to be a true, consultative partner for clients. They lower the product’s cost because the manufacturer does not have to make the investment in specialized machinery or manpower.

The Industry Leaders

CTI is not just any ordinary service provider. Their experts focus on providing a wide range of contract manufacturing services. Located in West Unity Ohio, CTI offers hot melt and water-based adhesive coatings. Their services include lamination, slitting, and die-cutting. CTI only uses the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. So, you can be sure that your products will receive the utmost attention at every stage. Check out just a few of their many success stories to get an idea of how they truly help clients nationwide.

A Tried and True Process

CTI’s process combines creativity with capability for the best results when serving clients in all industries. During the initial consultation, they will work to understand all your needs to ensure the partnership is right for both sides. If it is, they move on to research and development. This is one of the areas that really sets CTI apart from its competitors. Using state-of-the-art facilities, clients can experiment with new laminating materials and techniques. The end result? Improved products ready for a greater chance of success. After that, they follow up with testing, samples, and a pilot run before full production begins. It’s one of the many ways they help maximize value for their clients. Also, it’s why companies from startups to Fortune 500 corporations take advantage of this valuable service.

Want to get a better idea of cost or timeline? CTI makes it easy to begin any project. Just fill out their easy-to-use quote form and they will be in touch shortly.  

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