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Specialty Coating & LaminatingAdhesive coating and laminating are two important manufacturing processes that your business might require. For manufacturers who produce rolled or sheet goods, it can be especially important to have reliable specialty coating and laminating capacity.

That’s because some applications and industries will require more specialized coating services than others. This can be a particular issue if your business produces innovative and/or highly niche products. In such cases, it can be difficult to find a contract coating and laminating vendor who can meet your needs.

Conversion Technologies International is a leader in specialty coating and laminating services. Below, we’ll discuss what kind of services we offer for your business’s unique laminating and coating needs. 

Understanding Coating & Laminating

Why is it that custom coating and laminating is so important to many of our clients at CTI? Because these two processes are (quite literally) what holds products together. Manufacturers use coating and laminating to produce everything from automotive headliner foam to yoga mats.

Adhesive coating is the process of applying an adhesive to a substrate. A machine coats the substrate with one of several different types of adhesives, automatically “doctoring” the adhesive’s height and pattern. Coating is often a necessary precursor to laminating. 

Laminating is the process of combining multiple layers of rolled or sheet goods. The laminating machine applies heat and pressure to the coated substrate, as well as layers on top of the substrate.

For some businesses, standard coating and laminating services using stock sizes and service packages works just fine. However, others will find that they need a customized lamination and coating solution.

Designing a Specialty Coating & Laminating Process

CTI takes pride in our ability to develop flexible solutions for our client’s unique needs. Our manufacturing process makes it easy to explore process alternatives and use iterative design to optimize your manufacturing. 

Consider how we helped one roofing materials company develop a new peel-and-stick underlayment product. This company wanted to introduce a new product to the market and enlisted us to help test and refine it. We used our custom coating capabilities to perform the exact adhesive coating the client needed on their peel-and-stick roofing products.

Or, take a look at the lamination process we helped pioneer for an automotive manufacturer. We helped tackle a challenging project involving extreme compression of non-wovens and lamination to sheet aluminum. Where other contract manufacturers hadn’t been able to deliver, we stepped up and created a novel solution.

In record time, we resolved the issue and created a solution that allowed us to meet their huge volume demand of 400,000 parts per year. The parts ranged from 20” to 48” wide and 30” to 60” long. Our final product description is that we laminated the aluminum to a high-loft, non-woven material with adhesive. We compressed the high loft material 80%, as specified by the automotive client.

As you can see, we love a good challenge and these case studies, in many different industries, prove that we have the experts, equipment, and facilities to meet them and exceed expectations!

Customizing Your Coating & Laminating Process

Many manufacturers who offer coating and laminating offer only a limited range of options. CTI has the resources and the flexibility to provide the custom coating and laminating solution that your business needs.

Our facilities use a modular system that gives us enormous flexibility in implementing specialty coating and laminating processes. Plus, we’ve intentionally designed our consultation and development process to allow adaptation and customization. And because we offer coating, laminating, and even die cutting services, we make it easy to create end-to-end excellence.

From the very first meeting, we prioritize understanding your business’s unique needs. Our capabilities include fully equipped manufacturing R&D facilities and experienced engineers to make the process incredibly smooth. We provide all of the customization and support you need to create superior quality products at competitive costs.

Credentials and Certifications

Finally, as you research a partner for your business, always verify their credentials and certifications. If you don’t, you risk production of a product that doesn’t meet industry standards. For instance, look for an ISO 9001 certification which indicates the contractor’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

At CTI, we adhere to all industry standards including ASME and ASTM. Our reliability and reputation depend on our work ethic and our quality standards, which is why we are a trusted resource for companies who recognize the value of those attributes.

To learn more about how we can help, give us a call at 419-924-5566.

Contact CTI for Your Production Needs

CTI is the partner you’ve been looking for to perform your specialty coating and laminating. Our contract manufacturing capabilities include a full range of coating and laminating services. We put these to work for our clients in their most specialized conversion manufacturing applications.

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