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Application of Adhesive for Peel-and-Stick Roofing & Underlayment

Conversion Technologies International prides itself on our work with roofing companies.  In fact, we have worked with several different roofing businesses to develop and coat their products.

CTI’s Roofing & Underlayment Customer Case Study

When a well-known roofing company wanted to develop a new product, that being Peel-and-Stick roofing for flat industrial buildings, they approached Conversion Technologies International to work with them in developing and coating the product. This collaboration allowed them time to develop the product and introduce it to the market place, testing viability, before investing capital into coating equipment. CTI was able to use their existing equipment to coat 3′ and 6′ wide material, while allowing the customer to refine the specifications based on test roofs and feedback of their customers.

Since that time, CTI has worked with several roofing companies to develop both peel-and-stick roofing and underlayment, along with other Peel-and-Stick construction materials. CTI has also expanded its capability to 10 ft. wide adhesive coating of membranes, and recently acquired a 12′ wide coating line, allowing us to meet current market standards.



Custom Laminating of Water Barrier Film Project Highlights

Product DescriptionWe applied an adhesive to this peel-and- stick roofing underlayment.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPressure-sensitive adhesive is applied using a metering process.
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartHot melt adhesive line
Overall Part DimensionsUp to 10 ft. wide
Material UsedHot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive
In-process testing/inspection performedThe adhesive application weight is monitored throughout the run.
Industry for UseRoofing
Volume1.2 million ft²/year
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product NameAdhesive Coating of Peel-and-Stick Roofing Product


Contacting Conversion Technologies International

If you are looking for, or would like more information on Conversion Technologies International’s Custom Peel and Stick Adhesive Application Foam service solutions, call us today at 419.924.5566 or email our online sales department at: sales@conversiontechnologies.com.