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Contract ManufacturerManufacturers often have the basic capability to produce their products. After all, that is the nature of their business. But, what about when a company adds a new product or feature? What are their choices? They can either invest time and money in machinery and manpower or turn to a partner. Besides the investment, adding functionality can set back production for months or longer. That’s when a contract manufacturer like Conversion Technologies International (CTI) can help. CTI is the industry’s top contract coater and laminator. They are dedicated to customer success and can accommodate most requests. Check out what makes them such a valuable partner below.  

What Does a Contract Manufacturer Do?

So, what exactly does a contract manufacturer do? Though pretty straightforward, it is important to understand the finer points of this type of arrangement. Essentially, contract manufacturing is a mutually beneficial agreement between two companies. The first company, a manufacturer, creates a product it plans to sell. However, the product may need additional finishing or enhancement for it to be successful. In these cases, a second company, such as CTI, steps in to help. CTI accepts the semi-finished goods and finishes them so that they are ready for market.

The reasons for enhancement can vary. Sometimes, a product will fail without an enhancement. Other times, an enhancement may give an edge over the competition. Or, maybe the upgrade is essential to the product functioning properly. In most cases, a manufacturer lacks the equipment, the expertise, or both, to handle the new process. That’s where CTI can help. They have the experience and production capabilities that can make any product a success. Plus, they are experts in shipping products. Just arrange for products to be delivered to CTI. They can ensure on-time delivery back to a warehouse or to a retailer or distribution center.

Test Out New Techniques and Materials

Many times, a product could be improved or enhanced in some way. But the manufacturing client lacks the materials and expertise on how best to achieve this. After all, it’s impossible to know what you don’t know. But that’s where a partner comes in handy. CTI is an expert that can collaborate with manufacturing clients in many different areas. Research and development services are another way that CTI offers additional value to clients.

CTI maintains a state-of-the-art facility at its headquarters with the latest machinery and technology. As part of its unique process, CTI offers clients the ability to research and develop a product at their facilities. Wondering how a different design would improve the product? Or, perhaps waterproofing would add a unique benefit. In any case, CTI’s experts can help.

What are CTI’s Capabilities?

They specialize in adhesive coatings, lamination and slitting and die-cutting operations. By working with a wide range of materials for a broad spectrum of industries, their expertise is difficult to match. The company has invested heavily in top-quality technical equipment and the experts to operate it. A manufacturer wanting to add one process to a product will find that partnering with CTI provides the perfect solution. Not only is it a perfect solution for efficiency, but it is the most cost-effective way to accomplish the goal.

Call Today for a Free Consultation

Quite simply, CTI offers a very unique and unmatched set of services. They can finish or enhance products and help develop new ones. Better yet, they have a hands-on, consultative approach to business. So, clients can count on them as a partner to help solve even the most complex challenges. Plus, they know that manufacturers have their hands full. So, they can take the lead on many processes to give clients a hands-off approach. That’s why they have built so many long-lasting relationships with clients of all sizes. Everyone from startups to Fortune 500 corporations turn to CTI’s experts for help. Check out just a few of their many success stories here and what clients have to say about them.

Ready to get started? Just give their experts a call at 419-924-5566 to get started.