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We Solve Difficult Adhesive Manufacturing ProblemsCTI is uniquely qualified to develop solutions to production issues that arise in the development phase of new products in many industries. Our engineers, technicians and vast array of new technology and equipment work together on a cohesive plan to resolve the challenges in various types of material coating. Adhesive coating is a complex niche in the world of manufacturing and requires experience and a knowledge of the resources available to determine the solution that a particular material will require, in order to perform the desired function.

We are experienced with many types of adhesive features that will enhance any materials you may be working with. Some of the features that we offer include abrasive, conductive, elastic, low-heat, non-skid, transparent, water-repellent and water-soluble.

Your problems are welcome here! Our clients depend on our creativity and expertise to resolve their adhesive coating issues. We will help determine a solution, putting all of our resources to work for you.