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precision cuttingIn contract manufacturing, flexibility is king. When you’re developing a new product or filling production gaps, it pays to have all you need under one roof. That’s why Conversion Technologies International offers precision cutting and slitting services as part of our 360° rolled goods manufacturing capability.

It’s part of our commitment to delivering end-to-end quality and value to our customers. How do we do this? Let’s take a look.

Our Model for Success

We’ve designed our facility as a modular manufacturing center. It’s easy for us to swap out parts, materials, equipment, and processes to suit customer needs. We work on a wide range of projects in diverse industries. Our three key services are:

Offering cutting and slitting allows us to provide end-to-end solutions for rolled and sheet goods manufacturing in a way our competitors can’t. Next up, we’ll find out more about our capacity.

Precision Cutting and Slitting Capabilities

CTI employs several flatbed die presses to provide custom die-cutting services to our clients. We offer medium and long production runs, and exceptional flexibility and tool cost savings:

  • High-performance flatbed die presses that offer the following advantages:
    • Up to 150 tons of pressure
    • Cuts materials up to ⅝” thick, 60 inches wide, 40 inches long
    • Lower tool costs than rotary die cutting
    • Can produce through cuts or kiss cuts
  • Sheeting services
    • Custom sheeting and material resizing

Industries and Materials

CTI is proud to offer our services to clients across industries. Here’s a sampling of the most recent — but we’re always expanding our reach!

  • Industries:
    • Furniture
    • Construction materials
    • Vinyl
    • Fiberglass
    • Paper
    • Packaging
  • Materials:
    • Cloth and fabrics
    • Fiberglass
    • Foam
    • Paper
    • Rubber
    • Vinyl
    • and many more!

We pride ourselves on finding solutions for our clients’ biggest challenges! If you don’t think your production facility can do it, make sure you’ve called CTI first.

CTI: Contract Manufacturing Done Right

CTI consistently sets industry standards for flexible and efficient contract manufacturing. We stake our reputation on our principles:

  • Creativity
  • Value
  • Customer Service

Our success stories speak for themselves in these areas. If you’re interested in making another success together, call CTI at 419-924-5566 or request a quote via our website.