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About Conversion Technologies Inc.

About Conversion Technologies International

Located in West Unity, Ohio, CTI is a contract coater and laminator, dedicated to providing hot melt and water-based adhesive coatings, lamination, slitting, and die-cutting services using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. As such, we are able to accommodate new and unique products and materials by utilizing modular organization of our equipment. CTI’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc.

Product Development

Our engineering team assists in development of products and materials requiring coatings, lamination or slitting and die-cutting. Our engineering team and technicians can help facilitate and fine tune the production process in the final steps of product development. This creates an opportunity for you to evaluate and test the market, before committing to the final production requirements.

Material Evaluation

With our extensive resources of engineering staff and versatile equipment, we utilize several methods for processing your material. By working with various suppliers, we can help determine the best sourcing to achieve the desired results. With our intensive focus on coating and lamination, we can assist by providing a selection of results, in order to determine the best solution. We can also coat or laminate materials provided by the client that must be used in the final product.

Allowing a contractor to handle these development phase tasks can cut costs drastically.

Equipment Evaluation

CTI is equipped to handle initial runs of new materials and products, in order to save companies from investing in production equipment before they have developed the final specifications. It is this development phase that can cause the producer to exceed their budget, if several methodologies need to be tested before the process can be finalized. By allowing a contractor to utilize various equipment configurations in order to achieve the most efficient, cost-effective method of production, a great deal of cost and wasted time can be eliminated.

Your organization is then able to analyze results from various methods, before investing in new equipment and finalizing the technology.

Testing the Marketplace

While you are testing a product in the marketplace, we can handle the short- or long-term production until you have had an opportunity to make final modifications and are ready to bring production in-house.

Advantages of Contracting Production Work

When your own coating or laminating facility is overbooked, CTI can handle the excess production in order to keep your projects on schedule. We specialize in wide web coatings and lamination of materials provided in rolled form.

We perform contract services for diverse industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products and Packaging
  • Marine
  • Aircraft
  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Roofing

It is the wide range of products and services that allows us to flourish in the adhesive coating industry, while providing a process that is unique to each customer’s needs and end product. Our custom laminations, sheeting, slitting and die cutting make it possible for us to serve as your company’s “go-to” for any and all of your converting needs.

Utilizing our modular approach to production, we are able to handle a wide variety of production tasks for materials that may be unique in their composition.

Technologies available at CTI include:

  • Hot Melt Spray Coating
  • Slot die coating
  • Hot gravure
  • Powder coating
  • Belt Laminator
  • Roll coating
  • Hot roll lamination
  • Water-based gravure coating and printing
  • Meyer rod coating
  • Knife-Over-Roll coating

Summary of Contract Services:


We offer Contract Coatings, including hot melt, pressure-sensitive adhesives, water-based adhesives, and specialty coatings such as skid resistance, strength improvement, color, or waterproofing in widths up to 120″.


We provide Contract Laminations, utilizing either hot melt or waterborne adhesive coating, or hot roll lamination.

Die cutting and slitting

We perform die cutting and slitting of rolled materials, with our specialized equipment.

Other Divisions:

EZ Tarp

The EZ Tarp is a heavy duty, self-adhered hurricane tarp. The tarps have a 2′ pre-applied adhesive on the borders of the tarp with a release liner. They can be applied on any roof and have been wind tested to 110 m.p.h. and are also made in our West Unity, Ohio facility.


Conversion Technology International’s Quality Policy:

CTI is committed to continual improvement through employee involvement; seeking a higher level of customer satisfaction by improving products, processes, and services.

If your company is in need of one or a combination of any services listed above, you may contact CTI directly at: 419.924.5566 or contact the online sales department at: sales@conversiontechnologies.com