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contract manufacturingIf you have a product that will involve water or it could be subjected to heat, you may need to coat or laminate it. In fact, coating or laminating a product is often the best way to protect it. Thus, it functions as it should. However, before you invest in your own coating or laminating machine, consider contract manufacturing. Instead of doing this challenging work on your own equipment, consider contract manufacturing. Many businesses now decide to take this route.

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Clearly, this begs the question – what exactly is contract manufacturing. Generally, contract manufacturing is the act of outsourcing some parts of the production process to another company. For several reasons, companies choose this collaborative method.

Save Money

One of the main reasons companies opt for contact manufacturing is to cut costs. Bringing in full-time, in-house personnel that focus on certain areas can be very expensive. On top of that, coating and large laminating often require specialized tools and equipment. But when tasks are outsourced, you only pay for what you need. This could involve ongoing work or perhaps just a one-time project.

Utilize Experts

You and your team are experts at what you do. However, no one is skilled in every field. When you need something coated or laminated, contract manufacturing means you do not need to have this specific skill in-house. A company specializing in these areas does the work properly and with the latest equipment.

Get the Work Done Faster

Moreover, coating and lamination companies often have strong relationships with suppliers. This allows them to get what they need for your job quickly. Similarly, with a team comprised of experienced professionals, work gets done on schedule with less holdups for errors. 

Ensure Good Quality

Creating a finished product is of the highest quality is another reason to use contract manufacturing. Companies dedicated to services like industrial coating and laminating must adhere to certain guidelines and requirements. They will know what these are for each industry they work with, as well as the ones that may apply to different areas of production. Moreover, professional laminating companies understand the different techniques such as roll lamination and coating, gravure, knife blading, and more. 

CTI Handles Your Contract Manufacturing Needs

Whatever goods you produce that need coating or laminating, CTI offers the best solutions. Even before your items hit the open market, we evaluate them and figure out the best approach to take in terms of design and technology. This is the ideal situation for a new product – test various production techniques on our equipment. This step often saves a lot of money and prevents investing in the wrong equipment for the job.

Keep in mind, we also offer slitting and die cutting services. To learn more about what we can do for your company, feel free to contact us.