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Water-Based Priming of PP Foam for Automotive Headliners

Conversion Technologies International is responsible for the development of the first pre-applied adhesive fabric for automotive headliners.  They were conceived in our facilities, when owned by Dexter Automotive.  (CTI acquired this business when CTI was established.) As the automotive industry evolved, and with it came the change in design and specifications ...read more

Compressing & Laminating of Aluminum for the Automotive Industry

As you well know, Conversion Technologies International is one of the lead providers in lamination services.  This allows us to face different trials and challenges head-on, meeting the needs of clients from many different industries. Automotive Client Case Study Recently, a client from the automotive industry came to CTI in search ...read more

Application of Adhesive for Peel-and-Stick Roofing & Underlayment

Conversion Technologies International prides itself on our work with roofing companies.  In fact, we have worked with several different roofing businesses to develop and coat their products. CTI’s Roofing & Underlayment Customer Case Study When a well-known roofing company wanted to develop a new product, that being Peel-and-Stick roofing for flat ...read more

Adhesive Coating of Fiberglass for the Wind Energy Industry

The adhesive coating industry is one of constant change, this brings new and exciting challenges for Conversion Technologies International.  As such, we are often approached by customers who need to develop new products and projects for emerging industries. For example, CTI has been approached by customers in need of a light ...read more