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Step1_Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

CTI offers a free consultation before we begin working on your project. The main goal of this discussion is to ensure that our capabilities match the desired requirements of your project. This consultation determines the current status of your production cycle and evaluates the resources required for completion. By reviewing these factors upfront, we eliminate the possibility that either party would be wasting valuable resources and increase the probability of a successful end result.

Step2_Research & Development

Product Development

Our highly qualified engineering team and equipment helps to ensure that your project will be brought to a successful conclusion. Depending on the current stage of the production cycle, our resources can provide assistance with the development of materials and bonding requirements that can make a major difference in the outcome. Our experienced engineers offer their expertise in numerous applications. Your project will have the full advantage of facilities, labs and production equipment without the need for a huge investment on your part. Your program will benefit from this combination of technical assistance and equipment that matches your requirements. These are powerful resources when it comes to preparing a new product, or upgrading an existing product, for market. We have a high rate of success with all levels of clients, from “startups” to Fortune 500 corporations. Charges for the research and development programs are based on the engineering and lab resources required.

Step3_Lab Testing Sample

Lab Testing / Samples

During any of these stages, small product samples may be required. With our extensive machinery and equipment inventory and our lab availability, we usually can provide these necessary samples. In the case of simple products, easily produced on our equipment, there may be no charge. Where materials must be purchased or have complex production requirements, a minimal charge would be determined.

Step4_Pilot Run

Pilot Trial Run

Before you make your initial investment in machinery and equipment, the most efficient, economical path is to allow CTI to run a pilot trial production run. This step will bring to light any issues that could cause expensive problems when it comes time for actual production to begin. We have the variety of equipment to closely simulate actual production conditions. Utilizing this process would provide you with product for testing, customer evaluation, and market acceptability. It would also allow you to evaluate the actual processes and capabilities in a production environment. Not only will this prevent future problems, but you will receive important capacity and line speed information. Charges for this phase are determined based upon the equipment required and the size of the pilot trial.



When you are ready to begin actual production, the next step is a natural progression to utilize our facilities, expertise and equipment to handle the final production. Not only does this save you the enormous initial investment in machinery, equipment and real estate, but your production benefits from upgrades in our machinery over time. We have many manufacturing lines ready to process your finished product. Our 25 years of production experience for both small and large companies offers our clients the benefit of that background to ensure their success. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and have supplied production to a wide variety of industries from automotive, consumer products and construction materials to medical, furniture, and even Steinway Pianos.

We are continually adding resources to ensure that your products will progress from research and development to final production in a smooth transition that will end in your success in the marketplace.​