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contract manufacturing companiesManufacturing often means finding flexible solutions to challenges of production and scale. Many firms find it wise to use contract manufacturing companies for research and development or when orders pile up. Conversion Technologies International is a leader in contract manufacturing specializing in coating, laminating, and die cutting rolled material. In this article, we’ll examine the most important functions of a contract manufacturer. Then, we’ll look at how CTI offers industry-leading service in all of these areas.

Important Functions of Contract Manufacturing Companies

The primary function of contract manufacturing companies is to fill in the gaps in a firm’s production capacity. Flexibility, efficiency, and cost-consciousness are all key. At CTI, we designed our facilities with these attributes in mind. We provide these services:

  • Manufacturing Process Development: CTI uses a modular setup for almost all of our manufacturing equipment. This makes it easy for firms to experiment with different processes and find streamlined solutions.
  • Supply Chain Evaluation: We work with a wide range of suppliers and can easily source materials at a variety of specifications.
  • Scale Versatility: Our modular system means that production is easy to scale up or down. We often contract with companies that can’t spare production line time for specialty items or need small test runs. CTI also specializes in filling back orders for our clients. During busy seasons, they may receive more orders than their current facility can produce.

How CTI Meets Your Firm’s Needs

CTI equips our facilities to work with many different materials using many different processes. We’ve worked on fiberglass for a wind energy company, peel-and-stick roofing materialsautomotive headliner material, and much more. The best contract manufacturing companies have specialties that they do better than anyone else, and these are ours:

  • Adhesive Coatings: CTI’s facility has industry-leading versatility in applying adhesive and laminate coatings to rolled materials. Our production line can handle both water-based and hot melt adhesive coatings. We offer gravure coating, knife over roll coating, hot roll coating, and more.
  • Laminating: Our technology enables us to produce laminated rolled goods across a variety of industries and materials. We can laminate fiberglass, textiles, marine and aircraft materials, graphite and others to even the most demanding specifications.
  • Slitting and Die Cutting: Flatbed die cutters form another robust element of CTI’s complete solutions package. We have up to 150 tons of die press tonnage available and can cut materials up to ⅝” thick.

Moreover, we offer other manufacturing options such as toll manufacturing which is another useful form of third-party manufacturing for your products.

Begin the process, so that you are prepared with a full-service laminate and adhesive solution when the need arises. Call us at 419-924-5566 or use our contact form. We’re looking forward to helping you develop and maintain your contribution to the world of rolled goods.