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custom laminationsAt Conversion Technologies International, we stake our reputation on the combination of creativity and capability. Custom laminations require these two traits more than most other applications. A manufacturer needs to be able to see a project through from drawing board to finished product. That’s why CTI’s custom laminations are industry-leading — we have the expertise, flexibility, and capacity to take your project all the way.

Advanced Custom Laminations Capabilities

  • Modular manufacturing system means our manufacturing processes can easily be reconfigured and swapped out as you test and refine products.
  • Slot die/roll coating/gravure coating allows precise and efficient use of materials to control costs.
  • Belt laminator allows lamination and coating of sheet goods.
  • Slitting and die cutting and adhesive coatings capabilities make us a full-service rolled goods conversion manufacturing contractor.

For a full list of our laminating capabilities including materials, applications, and equipment, click here.

Case Study #1: Water-Based Gravure Coating for Personal Absorbent Products

Personal absorbent products are a $2.8 billion/year industry in the U.S., and the market is highly competitive. One of our clients in this field required a facility to laminate water barrier film to non-woven absorbent material. In order to serve the needs of their customers, they needed to produce small runs of specialty products. But to remain competitive in the market, they had to maintain production levels of their high-volume flagship products. CTI had the solution.

CTI’s advanced modular manufacturing system allows us to produce competitive products at both small and large scales. In this case, our solution involved water-based gravure coating. CTI created a process that efficiently applies the water barrier adhesive at the run size of 1.25 million yd². Our facilities then trim and re-roll the product into 60” wide rolls and ship it back to the client. Thanks to our manufacturing expertise, the client is able to produce high-performance specialty absorbent products without sacrificing their own capabilities. Contracting to CTI also saves the client from investing in specialty equipment and hiring extra labor.

Case Study #2: Custom Compression & Lamination for Aluminum-to-Non-Woven

One of our proudest success stories started when an automotive industry client came to us with a problem. They needed a complex lamination process for a high-loft non-woven material that needed compression, lamination to aluminum, and finally sheeting. Other contract manufacturers had failed to deliver the product to spec, and the client was worried and frustrated.

That sounded like a challenge to us. We analyzed the problem, designed a manufacturing process, and delivered a solution faster than the client expected. CTI quickly began high-volume production at 400,000 parts per year in a variety of size specifications. Success stories like this are why we’re so proud of our custom laminations capabilities. And they’re why we’re so confident that we can take on whatever challenge you need met.

If you need a contract manufacturer ready to handle the toughest manufacturing challenges, you need CTI. Call us at 419-924-5566 or use our easy form to request a quote.