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adhesive coating technologiesConversion Technologies International offers a range of lamination and coating services for manufacturers. As experts in numerous processing techniques, CTI utilizes adhesive coating technologies in many projects. In addition, they work with a broad range of industries, including automotive, consumer products and construction materials. Therefore, with a combination of experience and expertise, CTI can meet a wide range of the specific and unique needs of any project.

Moreover, CTI employs a wide range of coating equipment to laminate two or more materials together. In addition, their experts can also utilize bulk adhesives with controlled amounts for lowered costs. Committed to helping you get the job done right, they can offer advice on the best materials for each job. In fact, while they complete most projects in roll form, they have other options as well. As an example, they are able to laminate sheet goods with their belt laminator. So, give them a call at 419-924-5566 to see how they can help you enhance your manufactured products.

A Testing Ground for New Adhesive Coating Technologies

As a value-added service, CTI offers a state-of-the-art research, development and testing facility for new materials and techniques. This means that CTI can help clients develop adhesive coating technologies and innovative materials or applications. Furthermore, CTI’s experts can help you make improvements during every step of the process. By utilizing a modular approach for their equipment, they streamline manufacturing processes to save time and money.

What Are Some of the Benefits Offered by CTI?

First, technicians can facilitate the process in the final steps of the design phase. Next, customers can test products and markets before committing to high production costs. Finally, clients can make adjustments before launching a full production run. These are extremely valuable services that few companies offer. Such benefits are one of the primary reasons CTI is committed to helping their customers succeed.

Adhesive Coatings and More

Although CTI offers a wide range of services, they specialize in providing the following contract manufacturing services:

  • Adhesive Coatings—manufactured components often need a coating that serves as a primer to increase surface tension. Sometimes, they even need to be pressure-sensitive or able to withstand tremendous heat. Also, CTI can handle all types of coatings and adhesives, including acrylic, latex, silicone, and much more.
  • Laminating—laminating can be a difficult job. Usually, it requires both advanced equipment and engineering expertise. Luckily, CTI has both. They can handle any size format or material to produce desired results.
  • Slitting & Die Cutting—few companies have the skills necessary to perform proper slitting and die cutting services. The top industry standards boards have accredited CTI. They complete the job correctly.

If you need a dependable partner that does the job right, contact CTI. Save big by not having to invest in expensive equipment. They have the experience and technology to handle your project. From standard production runs to custom testing, they can help. Today, contact them and you’ll see why they are the industry leaders.