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adhesive roof and self-adhesive roof tarp manufacturingToday, the roofing materials that protect our homes from hazards like roof leaks and wind are better than ever. One important part of why these materials are so advanced? Improvements in adhesive roof and self-adhesive roof tarp manufacturing have pushed the industry forward, giving builders better choices.

There’s no denying, however, that manufacturing adhesive roofing materials can be challenging. Read on to learn about adhesive roof products and how they’re manufactured. We’ll also show you the fastest and easiest way to find manufacturing solutions for custom adhesive roof products.

Understanding Adhesive Roof Products

Adhesive roof products fall into several different categories. Two of the most common types are peel and stick underlayment and self-adhesive roof tarps. Let’s learn a little more about each one.

Peel and stick underlayment and starter strips are important elements of how professionals build roofs today. Roofers use these products to create a barrier against roof leaks and help keep all shingles in position. These products’ adhesive allows roofers to apply them easily and securely.

Self-adhesive roof tarps are another popular adhesive roofing material. These tarps provide a tough but flexible barrier that’s perfect for new homes under construction or roofs under repair. Thanks to their adhesive properties, most stay in place without the need for nails or sandbags.

These products are all designed to be easy for roofers to install and highly cost-effective. With demand for construction materials likely to remain strong, many businesses are seeking cost-effective ways to manufacture adhesive roofing products.

Manufacturing Adhesive Roof Products

Manufacturers can use a variety of different techniques to create adhesive roofing materials. However, most of the conversion manufacturing techniques for these products involve two main processes:

  • Adhesive coating is the process of applying liquid or powder adhesive to a substrate, or base material. Often, a manufacturer will apply an adhesive coating to a substrate before laminating it.
  • Industrial laminating is the process of combining the substrate with other layers, like a waterproof membrane and/or poly film. Usually, the process involves an industrial laminating machine that uses heat and pressure to press the layers together. 

Businesses might also need die cutting services to perform necessary cuts and sheeting in their roofing materials. Whatever procedures your materials require, however, it’s important to have the manufacturing capacity to execute them. 

Where Can My Business Find Adhesive Roof and Self-Adhesive Roof Tarp Manufacturing Services?

Enterprise businesses may be able to manufacture adhesive roofing materials in-house. However, the cost of doing so is often substantial, especially since it often requires investment in new equipment. Thus, even large businesses find that using a contract manufacturer can be a more advantageous option. And for smaller businesses, working with a skilled contract manufacturer is an absolute must. 

That’s because contract manufacturers specialize in capacity on demand. These versatile manufacturers offer technical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities on a contract basis to other businesses. A good conversion manufacturer offers a wide array of manufacturing options and expert staff that know how to deploy them.

Benefits of Using a Contract Manufacturer

Simply put, a contract manufacturer is a manufacturing firm that helps smooth out your overall process. Let’s say a client, Company X, is a manufacturer of automotive parts. The company is launching a new product but lacks some equipment needed in the production process. What are their choices? First, they can buy the equipment and train their personnel to use it. But this is incredibly expensive and would take months, if not years, to get up to speed. Second, they could decide to not make the product. But that would likely cause them to lose out on a valuable market. Third, they can turn to a contract manufacturing company like CTI.

CTI can step in as a partner to help Company X produce this product. Of course, we can merely act as an extension of facilities for Company X. But CTI can offer much more than that. To start, we maintain a massive, state-of-the-art facility with all the latest and most innovative equipment. And our staff is the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. So, we can help clients with virtually any challenge. In fact, CTI can even forward finished goods to the next step in the supply chain.

This arrangement has many benefits for Company X. First, they are able to solve a very pressing problem quickly and efficiently. Second, this solution is far more cost-effective than any other solution. They don’t need to invest the time and capital in setting up equipment and training personnel. So, they can get up and running quickly and start turning a profit. Third, they will have a trustworthy, valuable partner in CTI. That’s why clients in many different industries turn to us for help solving challenges.

The Industry’s Top Contract Manufacturer

It’s clear that contract manufacturing can be beneficial to a company that needs help with the manufacturing process. Of course, that is dependent on the contract manufacturer being an expert and being able to deliver. Luckily, we pride ourselves on being a true, consultative partner for manufacturing companies across the country. Sure, we work with huge corporations like Ford and Clorox. But we also work with a number of small, local, and regional clients as well. Our unique process makes us the perfect resource for companies of all sizes. And we treat each client with the respect they deserve. That’s one of the things that makes us an industry leader.

However, that’s not all it takes to lead an industry. It also takes a combination of expertise and experience that no other company can match. At CTI, we’ve nearly seen and done it all, so we know how to tackle any problem—even new ones. And we believe it’s this experience that is one of the most valuable things we can offer to our clients. After all, experience is the greatest teacher. Only experience can inform what material or process will work best in a given situation.

CTI views each and every customer as a partner. And we take the time to invest in that partnership. We believe that if our clients succeed, we will succeed. So, we have a vested interest in client success. Plus, we can work with each customer on the payment terms that work for them. 

Looking for a company to perform adhesive roof and self-adhesive roof tarp manufacturing services on contract? Conversion Technologies International has the solutions you’re looking for. Just contact us below to see what options might be available to you.

Adhesive Roof Manufacturing Solutions from CTI

CTI has years of experience in roofing materials manufacturing. We offer a full suite of adhesive coating, industrial laminating, and die cutting solutions. 

Our record speaks for itself—read our case study on roofing materials for a real-world example! With our decades of experience and strong industry track record, CTI will set you up for success in your project.

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