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It’s been a rainy year so far in the U.S. with rainfall totals continuing to accumulate across the country. The weather has been affecting many industries in 2013, and it looks like the fall and winter will continue to be wetter than usual in regions of the U.S., according to predictions. When the rain is falling and the wind is blowing, and when the roof over your head needs repair or protection from storms, there is an alternative to using a standard tarp to keep things covered and protected. It’s called the “EZ Tarp,” an adhesive roof tarp that offers more strength and durability than standard tarps.

You probably know Conversion Technologies International for our coating and laminating services, but, what you might not know is that we also manufacture the EZ Tarp. Originally designed for storm mitigation purposes, the EZ Tarp is now being used by contractors, roofers, other construction professionals, and consumers for various purposes. Some of the ways EZ Tarp is being used include:

  • Emergency management in communities – Response crews use EZ Tarp to double the number of properties that can be protected in a day after a severe weather event, and this reduces the burden on local emergency management and shelters.
  • Homeowners and contractors are patching leaks on mobile homes, tool sheds, warehouses and carports. They’re also protecting blown-out windows and sliding glass doors with EZ Tarp.
  • Roofers and contractors are using the EZ Tarp to protect their jobs from rain, wind and the elements. Gone are the extra holes created by unlimited roofing nails: The EZ Tarp easily adheres to any roof surface, including barrel clay tile, metal, concrete, rubber or shingles.

In addition to the easy peel-and-stick adhesion, it’s the better protection of property that the EZ Tarp offers that’s making the EZ Tarp so popular with everyone. When applied correctly, the EZ Tarp creates a weather-tight seal, and the durability of the EZ Tarp is unmatched – it’s several times stronger than a standard tarp.  EZ Tarp has been tested with winds up to 110 miles per hour.

You can learn more about the EZ Tarp and its features by visiting the product’s website.