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Adhesive coating/laminating is used in commercial roofing and can be a great way to reduce the time and labor costs to cover and protect your building. Adhesives can be used to bond pretty much anything that can be rolled up—foams, fabrics, felts, carpets, vinyls, and more—and roofing is included in this list.

adhesive_coatingAdhesive coating may sound simple, but it’s not. When you are working with adhesives, you are dealing with 400+ degree temperatures, coating lines up to 100 Ft. long and the same ISO Quality standards used by the automotive industry.

Materials can be laminated or coated anywhere from 30 inches wide up to 10 feet. By using any one of our 10 coating lines, a variety of coating techniques can be done, including gravure coating, powder coating, slot die coating and Mayer rod coating. Mayer rod coating, for instance, one of the most popular methods, utilizes a stainless steel rod wound with wire, available in different diameters that allows for different results. Depending on the application and desired results, the size, type, and amount of adhesive will vary.

Another factor to consider is the volume of the actual material being coated. Whether a roof or something entirely different (coating is done frequently in the auto, consumer, medical and many other industries), the volume generally has to be 1,000 yards or more—with many programs going up to the millions of yards.

As professional contract coaters and laminators, we specialize in the process and have seen and done it all. From clients coming to us saying “I have somewhat of an idea of what I want” to those saying, “here’s what I want done” to those saying “I have this particular substrate and this adhesive, and here’s how I want you to put it together”—there’s very little we haven’t seen. Whatever amount or form of assistance people need, we can offer it and help them achieve their goals. There are so many different ways to apply adhesives, and specialists like us with experience in bonding adhesive to materials have the knowledge and processes to make sure the process is successful, and that it will meet our customers needs.

When you make the choice to coat a roofing product (or anything else, for that matter), seek professional help and rest assured, your work will be done properly.