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Is Hot Melt Adhesive Film Superior To Traditional Adhesives?

You’ve probably heard of hot melt adhesive film. More and more often, business owners and manufacturers have been adopting this product. It serves as an intriguing alternative to traditional options like tape and adhesive. But, if you’re not yet familiar with the product, you may be hesitant to jump on board. ...read more

Explore Surface Winders and What Makes Them Different

Surface winders, center winders, coreless winders—there are so many different winding processes to choose from. Which one is best for your needs? If you’re uncertain, no worries—Conversion Technologies International is ready to offer some insight. What are winding machines? Let’s cover the broader points first. What are winding machines, and why ...read more

Understanding What a Toll Producer Can Do

When you start exploring third party manufacturing, two options will immediately enter the conversation: a toll producer and a contract manufacturer. While both of these options involve working with a subcontractor, they have important differences that you shouldn't overlook. Ultimately, working with a third party manufacturer always has key benefits. However, ...read more

Demystifying Belt Lamination: The Method and Its Benefits

Lamination--we often need it for manufacturing projects. But what sets belt lamination apart? Why are we so reliant on lamination in general? Don't worry--we have the answers you're looking for. What is the purpose of laminating? Here's the thing about lamination--it encompasses more products and processes than you may think. That ...read more

The Rotary Die Cutter Process and Its Benefits

Interested in using a rotary die cutter? It’s no wonder. This machine empowers you to work with many different materials, providing a level of flexibility you won’t find with other options. However, it’s important that you know the basics behind rotary die cutting before starting. Check it out! What is a ...read more

The Rotary Die Cutter and Its Benefits

So you’re considering a rotary die cutter. This machine comes with some serious advantages—but you should know more about it before taking the plunge. Take a look below! Find out what a rotary die cutting machine is all about with Conversion Technologies International.     How does die cutting work? Before ...read more

Precision Cutting Technologies: What You Need to Know

It’s time to learn the ins and outs of precision cutting technologies. While these technologies vary wildly, they all have one thing in common: they enable you to make more finely-tuned products, with the detailed craftsmanship you need. Check out the details below! How Do Precision Cutting Technologies Work? First, precision ...read more

CTI Ohio: Who We Are and What We Offer

What happens when you need a third party contractor to process product orders and simplify production? Turn to us—specifically, CTI Ohio! We know we may be strangers to you right now. But we won’t be for much longer. Here, we’re going to introduce ourselves and what we have to offer to ...read more

Coating Tech Slot Dies: What You Need to Know

Coating tech slot dies. When we say that, what does it provoke? Do you think of different coating methods? Different products and types of technology? It’s okay if your answer is simply “that’s kind of confusing”. We’re here to help, and we’re ready to walk you through the different options, as ...read more

The Industrial Die Cutting Machine and Its Uses

As you approach different manufacturing processes—consider die cutting. You may already know a lot about it; or perhaps an industrial die cutting machine is an entirely new concept for you. Either way, we’re ready to impart some knowledge. Get ready to learn!       What is an industrial die cutting ...read more

Direct Gravure Coating: What’s The Difference?

Gravure coating. Direct gravure coating. Reverse gravure coating. What does all of this mean, and how does it affect production? Choose the right process for your project, and it will be smooth sailing. Choose the wrong one, and you may experience issues. Never fear— we’re here to demystify it for you. ...read more

Slot Die Coating Application: The Must-Know Principles

If you’re creating a flexible, thin-film product, it’s likely that you’ll need to explore at least one type of slot die coating application. But how does the process work? What are its basic principles? We’ve got you covered. Check it out! What are the Applications of Slot Die Coating? When you ...read more