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New Coating Technologies: What’s on the Horizon?

As with all industries, the coating industry is constantly changing and on the lookout for new innovations. Many of those innovations come down to technology. The fact is that coating is a key part of manufacturing a variety of different products. Ergo, we in the industry appreciate more efficient and effective ...read more

Custom Foam Coating Manufacturers: What Can They Offer?

We use custom foam coating for a variety of different reasons. Custom foam coating manufacturers serve those in need of cushioning and padding in their home, cars and other areas. Furthermore, they can accommodate filtration needs as well. Depending on the type of foam coating used, it can potentially harden and ...read more

Roll to Roll Processing: Understanding This Complex System

As you start your small business, there are many things that you can do as a business owner to make tasks like roll to roll processing simpler. While it’s tempting to invest in machines on site and operational training for your permanent employees, this could be a financial mistake in the ...read more

Are You Considering High Pressure Laminate Manufacturers?

On the surface, laminating seems to be a fairly simple process. Lamination involves merging different layers of rolled or sheet goods, ultimately using heat and pressure to combine them. However, over the years the process has become a bit more complex. Business owners want lamination that is not only aesthetically appealing, ...read more

Fiberglass Coatings – CTI Devises the Best Solution

For any type of coating or adhesive, Conversion Technologies International is the expert. We frequently work with a variety of different materials and substrates. Fiberglass coatings are a specialty of ours, and we often help companies finalize their fiberglass products. The Benefits of Fiberglass While there are a number of materials that ...read more

CTI Will Save you Time and Expense on Lamination Services

Without a doubt, running a business comes with many tasks. This is true whether your company is large, small, independently-owned or a corporation. The multiple tasks are sometimes difficult to process on your own. Especially, this is true when highly technical and expensive equipment is involved. Therefore, whenever you have an ...read more

Fiber Glass Coating Services from the Industry Leader

Working with an epoxy is not without challenges. It takes an expert to handle epoxy or resin or both. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) has been helping clients in a broad range of industries for decades. They have expertise in different types of epoxy and much more. Need a material applied to the surface ...read more

Fiber Glass Coating Services Available from CTI

Adhesive coatings evolve very quickly. New technologies and processes are constantly introduced to the market. New color or layer options can significantly impact the surface area of any product. As such, it takes an expert to stay on top of these changes. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) is an industry leader in adhesive ...read more

​Contract Coating – The Benefits of Working with a Pro

Before your company launches its products, they may first need coating. This might include primer in order to increase the surface tension. It may involve an adhesive that has reactivation potential so it can stick to other products. Whatever the case, it is important to work with a contract coating company. ...read more