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tolling agreement manufacturingWhat happens when you need a third party contractor to process product orders and simplify production? Turn to us—specifically, CTI Ohio! We know we may be strangers to you right now. But we won’t be for much longer. Here, we’re going to introduce ourselves and what we have to offer to you. The more you get to know us ahead of time, the more you’ll know about what you’re looking for—and what we can do to accommodate your professional needs.

What exactly is CTI?

Before we get into the more specific details of CTI Ohio, let’s define CTI itself more precisely. “CTI” stands for Conversion Technologies International, and we handle adhesive coatings, laminating, and slitting and die cutting.

CTI acts as a contractor—in other words, as a third party. When you can’t execute certain processes in house as a business owner, you turn to us. We can also help with product development, and lead you through refining a process that works perfectly for your needs and your business. With our approach, you can actually test the market before finalizing your product.

Ultimately, think of CTI as a partner. We’re here to help you—you’re the leader, and we provide an important service.

Where can you find CTI Ohio?

Looking for Conversion Technologies International’s headquarters? Don’t worry, we’re not difficult to find. Though our reach is long, we’re centered in West Unity, Ohio—700 Oak Street, West Unity, Ohio 43570. West Unity itself is small and easy to locate. If you’re in the area—perhaps visiting us—you’ll probably stay in a larger city nearby.

Some of the options we’d suggest? If you’re looking for something a bit larger, but still on the smaller side, stop by Napoleon—about half an hour’s drive away from West Unity. Need to stay somewhere with a bit more breathing room? Try Defiance. It’s the same driving distance, but is about twice the size—in terms of population—of Napoleon.

When you think of visiting CTI Ohio—whether you want to see the facilities or speak with us in person—know that you can. That’s one of the great things about working with a company that has an actual, physical presence (and one that’s easy to reach, especially if you’re on the East Coast or in the Midwest).

What kinds of services does CTI offer?

As we explore the different services offered by CTI Ohio, consider how they could potentially match your needs as a client.

Our core services include:

Laminations. These fall under our contract services. In total, we provide hot melt, waterborne adhesive, and hot roll lamination.

Coatings. While coatings services may seem like the same type of service as lamination, you’ll find important differences. Usually, we offer contract coatings. These include hot melt coatings, water-based adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives. We also cover specialty coatings—under that umbrella are strength improvement coatings, skid resistant coatings, color coatings, or waterproofing coatings with widths of up to 120 inches.

Die cutting and slitting. Don’t forget these services! We’ll handle the die cutting and slitting of rolled materials in this case. With these processes, we use specialized equipment.

What kinds of technologies does CTI feature?

When handling so many services, CTI Ohio naturally features many unique types of technology. These technologies service the above offerings, ensuring our products are as comprehensive as possible. They include:

  • Hot gravure
  • Powder coating
  • Slot die coating
  • Meyer rod coating
  • Knife-over-roll coating
  • Belt laminator
  • Roll coating
  • Water-based gravure coating and printing
  • Hot melt spray coating
  • Hot roll lamination
  • And more!

We’re happy to lead you through these technologies—but if you’re looking for expertise and a guiding hand, we’re ready to do that, too. You don’t have to know everything about these processes before working with CTI. That’s what we’re here for!

What types of industries does CTI assist?

Does your business fall under the list of industries CTI typically assists? Our range of services and technologies varies greatly—so there’s a good chance it does! Over the years, we’ve served clients in industries like:

The reason why it’s so important that we work within a diverse range of industries is that it’s allowed us to refine and vary our techniques. We’re adept at a number of different processes and approaches, and we can switch between them depending on what clients like you need. We’re not boxed into a single type of business. Which, of course, means there’s a greater likelihood that we’ll be able to offer you exactly the types of services you need.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re ready to walk you through the process. Our initial consultation process ensures that we’ll both be certain that we’re a match before moving forward with your contract.

Ready for the next step? Contact us here or call us at 419-924-5566. We’re ready to help!