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slitting servicesMost people have never considered the manufacturing process of tape, receipt paper, toilet paper, and other rolled goods. But the businesses that make these goods know that roll slitting is an essential step in the process. Thus, slitting services are a common need for many manufacturers. 

That’s because it’s more cost-effective for many manufacturers to use toll and contract slitting services. Here, we’ll examine why that is and what CTI can offer your business when it comes to slitting services. 

What Are Slitting Services?

Slitting and rewinding is the process that converts a large roll of web goods into multiple smaller rolls. Manufacturers use devices called slitter rewinder machines to perform this process. 

A slitter rewinder uses a series of motorized rollers to move a web through the machine. The machine’s operator positions a series of stationary blades called slitter knives over the roll. These slitter knives slice the material as it passes through, cutting it to the manufacturer’s custom width.

Once the machine has slit the web, the material passes to another section called the rewinder. This section is responsible for rewinding the web around pre-loaded rolls that give the material its final form. From here, the goods may go on to packaging, or they may move to another stage of the conversion process.

Assessing Your Needs for Slitting Services

Manufacturers often choose to outsource slitting services to a third party conversion manufacturer. By doing so, they can often save money and floor space that would otherwise be required for a slitter rewinder.

Many different options are available for slitting services. This variety is essential because so many different types of manufacturers require slitting. From duct tape to medical gauze, different slitting applications require different techniques and sometimes different equipment.

Thus, when considering the slitting capabilities that you require, think about questions such as: 

  • What are the dimensions (including width, thickness, and weight) of your master rolls? 
  • For finished rolls, what are the dimensions (including width, thickness, and weight)?
  • Which type of material (such as foam, tape, paper, or rubber) do you need to slit?
  • Exactly what is the next step in the manufacturing process for the finished rolls?
  • What other conversion services, like fabric laminating services, does your application require? 

Toll and Contract Services from CTI

The type of slitting services required varies widely between businesses. Thus, it’s essential to choose one with the flexibility and slitting capabilities that meet your needs. 

Slitting services are among the most common use cases for the model known as toll manufacturing. In toll manufacturing, a business outsources the conversion manufacturing process to a third party manufacturer. But the business will continue to procure its own raw materials for the process. 

Toll manufacturing has some similarities to contract manufacturing. However, contract manufacturing outsources an entire supply chain process to a third party manufacturer. That means the third party procures materials as well as performing the conversion process.

CTI’s slitting capabilities include state of the art Dusenbery slitting machines. We use these machines because they offer exceptional versatility and precision, and our expert operators are skilled at custom width slitting. Plus, our modular manufacturing system makes it easy to refine your manufacturing process and test out innovative ideas. 

Types of Contract Manufacturing We Offer

Likely, you already have a general idea of what you’re looking for as you consider outsourcing a completed version of your product. Notably, we specialize in the slitting & die cutting processes as mentioned. We also provide laminating and coating along with product development and improvement.

Some of the Materials We Handle
  • Rubber
  • Fabric
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Urethane
  • Polyester
  • Latex
  • Silicone
  • And many more
Techniques of Our Production Line
  • Hot Melt Spray Coating
  • Slot die coating
  • Hot gravure
  • Powder coating
  • Belt Laminator
  • Roll coating
  • Hot roll lamination
  • Water-based gravure coating and printing
  • Meyer rod coating
  • Knife-Over-Roll coating
  • Adhesive Coating
  • Slitting and Die Cutting
We’re a Contract Manufacturer for Diverse Industries
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products and Packaging
  • Marine
  • Aircraft
  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Roofing

Additionally, we offer contract manufacturing in separate divisions to meet more diverse needs.

CT Filter

Made in our West Unity, Ohio facility, CT Filter manufactures melt-blown liquid filters from 5 micron to 50 micron and lengths up to 40″. From home filters to use in desalinization facilities, numerous liquid applications require these filters.

EZ Tarp

Also made in West Unity, EZ Tarp is a heavy duty, self-adhered hurricane tarp. The tarps have a 2′ pre-applied adhesive on the borders of the tarp with a release liner. Wind tested at 110 m.p.h.; they are a sturdy roof covering.

Get Started with CTI!

Our slitting services are an important part of our commitment to end-to-end conversion manufacturing excellence. CTI offers a complete package of conversion services like adhesive coating, lamination, and slitting and die cutting. We offer our services both on a toll manufacturing and contract manufacturing basis to our clients. 

Ready to get your rolled goods moving with CTI’s custom slitting services? Call our conversion manufacturing experts at 419-924-5566, or request a quote online today.