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die cut plasticPlastic is one of the most versatile and widely used materials in manufacturing and industry today. One reason for its popularity is that plastic is easy to cut and shape into many different formats. To perform these cuts, manufacturers often rely on die cutting, which makes die cut plastic a manufacturing essential.

Here, we will quickly look at the most important info on die cut plastic products. We’ll talk about basics, how it works, and other key elements of die cutting all kinds of plastic.

How Die Cutting Works

Die cutting is a relatively simple and flexible technique that can be used in many different applications. The basic process involves creating a metal “stamp”, called a die, in the desired cutout shape. Then, the manufacturer uses mechanical pressure from a die cutting machine to apply the stamp to the material. 

This process creates clean, even cuts that are easy to perform quickly at high production volumes. Because of these advantages, die cutting is a common method for many different types of plastics. Manufacturers cut everything from thin plastic films to thicker foams and hard plastics using die cutting. 

Why Die Cut Plastic is Necessary for Many Businesses

If you need a fast way to cut sheet or rolled plastic materials, die cutting is the standard choice. Many different manufacturers use die cutting to get the cut plastic components they require. It’s a key part of making gaskets, plastic sheeting, plastic foam, plastic bags, and other common plastic products.

Some industries that commonly use die cut plastic include:

  • Medical supplies
  • Food service
  • Building materials
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Machine components
  • Automotive parts
  • Office supplies
  • Home goods

Methods of Die Cutting

Flatbed die cutters and rotary die cutters are the two most common types of die cutting machines. We compare them in detail in our guide to die cutting methods, and both can be useful. Flatbed dies are often used for harder plastics thanks to their strong pressure.

The length of time required for the tooling to create the custom die varies according to the cuts’ complexity. Rotary dies take longer to create, but are excellent for extended production runs. Once the die is ready, the actual cutting process is very fast using either method. 

What Does a Contract Company Do?

First, what is a contract manufacturer? Contract manufacturers offer customized, on-demand manufacturing services to other businesses. This helps businesses keep their costs down while providing the confidence of hiring experienced professionals.

Contract die cutting works similarly to other contract manufacturing processes. A business that needs die cut plastic contacts a contract manufacturer, who evaluates the project and provides a quote. Some reasons that businesses use a contract manufacturer for die cutting plastic include:

  • Improved ability to make complex cuts
  • Saving money vs. manufacturing in-house
  • Freeing up production line capacity
  • Flexible and scalable die cutting services

What is the Process to Begin Working with CTI?

At CTI, we are proud of our organized plan to begin working with clients, whether they are start-ups or Fortune 500 companies.

We understand that time is money for both our clients and for our business. Before we take on any project, we meet with the client to be sure that we have a complete understanding of the project and the goals. When we take on a project, we want to know that we are the perfect fit and have the capability to meet the client’s needs.

Some projects are in the early stages of development, such as a new product or an upgrade to a current product to rival the competition. In these cases, our clients take full advantage of our research and development facilities and equipment. Most companies do not have the space or the budget to maintain the expensive equipment and personnel to have an R&D lab on-site. Since we charge only for the resources that you will utilize, CTI is a budget-friendly solution to bring a new or improved product to market.

Next, we produce lab tests or small product samples as the situation requires. Early in the process, we want to feel comfortable that we are on-track to produce the desired result, so that changes can be made, if needed.

A trial run before the final production run…that is our cost-saving principle. By staging a trial run before we go into full production mode, we discover any issues that need our attention. It is a huge cost-saving opportunity to make changes at this stage, rather than during an actual production run.

Our final production run is successful because we have taken these preliminary steps to ensure the end result.

Why Choose CTI?

Conversion Technologies International is a one-stop contract conversion manufacturer, and plastic is one of many materials that we die cut. We’re fully equipped to handle all of your most challenging die cutting needs. Our facilities include both flatbed and rotary die presses, and we can tackle a huge range of materials and specs.

Another key part of how CTI gets results is our decades of experience in die cutting plastic and other materials. Our team of pros has worked with major manufacturers and small businesses alike for years, as you can see by the impressive customer list here on our website. Thanks to our modular production line design and extensive knowledge of the industry, we can execute custom die cutting solutions.

CTI’s die cutting pros are ready to help you take on your plastic die cutting project. Give us a call at 419-924-5566, or request your free quote online!