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fabric laminating companiesLaminated fabric is a key component of many products. This is why the lamination process is extremely important. If your business does not have the capabilities to laminate fabrics, you need to look for a company that does. When searching for fabric laminating companies be sure to keep these areas in mind:


If your business plans to outsource any work, it is important the contracting company you choose has extensive experience. They should be familiar with the types of materials you use and they should have worked with them previously.


Good fabric laminating companies are innovative. They face challenges head-on and come up with creative ways to solve them. Often this means doing the necessary research and testing to devise the best solutions. Since methodology is ever-changing, they need to have the newest equipment to handle current techniques.

Quick delivery

So much of business success comes down to timing and getting products out faster than competitors. This is why you have to choose a fabric lamination company that will be able to work quickly. Even if you have tight deadlines, they should not have a problem meeting them.


Your products are unlike any others, and your contractor should treat them accordingly. A quality company will know this and provide customized services and solutions. They will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need. It is critical to meet every specification, or the results will suffer.

Attention to detail

Many lamination projects involve minute details. Ignoring just one step, could cause the entire product to fail. This is why every process demands close care and attention.

CTI is one of the foremost fabric laminating companies

When you need fabrics laminated, you can trust the pros at CTI to complete the job to your satisfaction. For years we have been the lamination experts, and we work with a variety of substrates and for a number of industries. To discuss the requirements for your project, get in touch for a free quote.