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adhesive roof tarpHigh-performance roofing materials – such as the adhesive roof tarp – are in high market demand. However, many manufacturers still struggle with the capital costs of purchasing adhesive coating equipment. Conversion Technologies International specializes in filling exactly this type of gap in capacity.

An Adhesive Roof Tarp is a High-Demand Material

The self-adhesive roof tarp has an important purpose – to protect houses with roofs that are damaged or under construction. Placing a tarp over damaged or work-in-progress areas keeps water from damaging the home. Moreover, these tarps are similar to a traditional water-resistant plastic tarp, but have an adhesive strip running along each side. However, workers must nail down the traditional tarps and they often require a helper to install. But self-adhesive tarps eliminate these disadvantages.

To create these items, specialized adhesive coating capacity is usually necessary. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are the traditional choice for roofing materials due to their ease of use. That said, PSAs can be less durable than other adhesives. Thus, manufacturers must be diligent and find the right one and apply it correctly. These R&D necessities can present significant barriers to bringing new products to market.

Employing a good contract manufacturer is the easiest all-around solution to these problems. Therefore, at CTI, we’ve taken care to position ourselves as the #1 solution for roofing material contract conversion manufacturing.

The Expertise You Need for Quality Roofing Materials

Conversion Technologies International is a leading industry expert in roofing material contract manufacturing. We have provided contract manufacturing services for several prominent names in the roofing materials industry. Our services for these clients have gone beyond standard manufacturing and into product development and R&D.

  • Case Study: Peel-and-Stick Roofing for Industrial Buildings
    • We’ve done innovative and exciting work for many clients, and this product-development project was one of our proudest moments. The client was seeking assistance in developing a new peel-and-stick underlayment aimed at flat industrial buildings. Additionally, they needed the resources to develop and test the product without investing in adhesive-coating equipment.
    • Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of project CTI specializes in. We were able to help the client develop their product through multiple iterations and market tests. Our flexible equipment configurations allowed us to coat material at the widths the client needed (3’ and 6’.) The client took their product through extensive rounds of customer feedback and created many new versions. After a lot of hard work, they successfully brought their product to market.
    • Roofing materials are now one of CTI’s specialties. We have the capacity to add everything from an adhesive strip to full adhesive coating to shingles, underlayment, and more. Furthermore, we’ve expanded our capacity to include coating for 10’ and 12’ wide membranes. The roofing industry now forms one of our biggest constituencies.

Why CTI Outperforms Other Contract Manufacturers

We recognize that versatility and flexibility are the name of the game in contract conversion manufacturing. Additionally, we carefully calibrated our process to produce optimal outcomes and quality products. We achieve this by building the following into our business model:

  • Modular manufacturing setup that allows us to easily change and move equipment and materials to suit your needs
  • Both short- and long-run production capacity to fill production gaps or see an R&D process all the way through
  • Supportive staff of experts who will work with you every step of the way to develop your product

Your ideal adhesive roof tarp manufacturing solution could be closer than you think! Today, call CTI at 419-924-5566 or contact us online to discuss your project.