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hot melt laminationIf your product requires two materials to join together, this can be a bit of a challenge. While there are different ways to approach this, hot melt lamination may be your best option. This is an effective process utilized by companies in a variety of industries.

How the hot melt laminating process works

Hot melt lamination often goes by other names. At times, they call it hot melt gravure. Also, some refer to it as dot lamination. The latter name applies because the process uses microscopic dots of adhesive. The process places the dots on the surface of one material in order to bond with another. The two materials can be the same or different.

During the hot melt laminating process, the adhesive gets heated until it is the correct viscosity. When the rotating gravure roll comes into contact with the adhesive, it fills the indentations in the roll. With the right temperature and pressure, the two materials become one.

The benefits of hot melt lamination

Binding two materials to one another can be difficult. This is especially true if they have different characteristics. But, with hot melt laminating the bond will be precise, creating the ideal composite. In addition, this process is fast, and assembly of multiple products does not take long.

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