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laminating technologiesTo stay competitive, companies know that they should use the most advanced methods they have at their disposal. But when it comes to a very specific application, such as lamination, bringing in this equipment can be expensive. Plus, they may not have the manpower in-house that knows how to properly use it. Fortunately, there is another option: outsourcing. CTI uses the latest laminating technologies along with expert technicians to help companies perfect and produce their products.

The CTI Lamination Process

If you need to have two or more materials joined together, we offer the best solutions. This is because our laminating technologies consist of state-of-the-art equipment. Our coating equipment includes slot die, gravure coating, hot roll lamination, hot melt spray coating, and roll coating. Through our testing facility, we will determine which technique is right for your product.

To control costs, often gravure coating, roll coating, and slot die are the best options. This is due to the fact that they can use bulk adhesive supplies with controlled application amounts. If your product requires adhesive film or a web-type adhesive, hot roll lamination is usually ideal. You also have the option of laminating sheet goods with our belt laminator.

Our Capabilities with Laminating Technologies

With our laminating technologies we can perform a variety of functions. We can make it stretchable using powered adhesives. In addition, we have equipment that can create laminations with water-based adhesives. This capability was especially useful for one of our clients in the personal absorbent industry. They had a product that required laminating a moisture barrier to absorbent materials. We accomplished this using our water-based gravure method that offers exact control of all adhesive applications.

Additionally, another customer we helped was from the automotive industry. This company needed both custom lamination and compressing services. Their aim was to compress a non-woven material and laminate it to aluminum. However, they had trouble finding a company that could do it. However, it was no problem for us. Quickly, we analyzed their needs and devised a solution, allowing them to produce the 400,000 parts they needed every year.

The Industries with Which We Work

In addition to the two just mentioned, we also work with most major industries. These include construction, packaging, paper, office furniture, and roofing. Companies know that they can rely on us to meet all of their lamination challenges. Plus, we have broad experience with fabric, rubber, silicone, PVC, and several other substrates.

Talk to Us About Your Project

Often, a company develops an idea for a product but doesn’t know how to make it work. This is where CTI comes in. If your project requires lamination, adhesive coatings, or die cutting, give our experts a try. Fortunately, our research and development facility has assisted many major companies to bring new products to market. Additionally, we have created a flexible, modular approach to our equipment, which allows us to tackle processes not possible in other facilities.

We will help you overcome any obstacles in order to best meet your production requirements. For a free quote, call us at 419-924-5566 or reach out through our online contact form.