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contract convertingWhen it comes to contract converting there are many things a successful company needs to have. First, they need to have the capability to handle the right solution for any customer. In the conversion of materials, quality of equipment and personnel are a must. They also need to be able to handle a wide range of material, such as paper, foam, and more. No matter the raw material being used, they have to apply their expertise to work with that material. That means precision application of laminates, coating materials, packaging, and more.

What makes Conversion Technologies International (CTI) the industry leader is their commitment to all of these things. Beyond that, they couple these capabilities with an expertise and commitment to customer service. This is where they create real value for clients. In manufacturing and converting services, quality is key. Moreover, a contract converting provider has to have reliable and capable equipment. All of the components in every piece of machinery have to be painstakingly maintained. Their state-of-the-art facility can handle any requirement customers may have. From lamination and coating to conversion and packaging, they can handle it all. In fact, they offer contract manufacturing and converting services for a wide range of clients. So, check out what makes them such a valuable partner below.

What is a Converting Company?

converting company specializes in combining raw materials to create or enhance a new or custom finished product. These companies are prepared to work with many materials in rolled form. This enables them to handle polyesters, adhesives, silicone, foam, plastic, felt, and much more.

One of their capabilities is to take the rolled materials, known as webs, and feed them into their processing machines. Often, these are printing presses, laminating, coating, or slitting machines. Through this process, they convert or change the web into an intermediate or final form. As an example, a converting company might need to manufacture plastic bags. To accomplish this, they would feed a web of plastic film into their machinery. By cutting and fusing the edges, they would create plastic bags. Of course, they handle both simple and much more complex products for companies of all sizes.

The Leader in Contract Converting

CTI was founded in West Unity, Ohio in 1993. They have established themselves as the industry leader in contract converting by offering unmatched, flexible capabilities: 

Adhesive Coatings

Many products need an additional adhesive or general coating. CTI has the equipment and the expertise to provide the perfect solution. Their experts have faced a variety of unique issues and know how to resolve any challenge you are facing.

Often, components need a coating to be used as a primer to increase surface tension. In these cases, they often also need to be pressure-sensitive or able to withstand tremendous heat. CTI can handle the following materials:

  • Acrylic
  • Latex
  • Acetate
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Urethane
  • and much more!

CTI can also process many different classes of coatings. From hot melts to water-based, thermoplastic to water-repellent or fire-retardant, they can handle it. Their facility includes hot air drying and room temperature curing to handle all adhesive processes. That means they can raise cure temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they can accommodate widths up to 120 inches and rolls that weight up to 2,000 pounds. They can even apply adhesive coating from less than one millimeter up to 60 millimeters.


Custom laminating jobs requires capable equipment and engineering expertise. CTI has both and they know how to match the lamination process to the desired results. Their experts can handle any size format or material you have.

They are experts in:

  • Slot die
  • Roll coating
  • Gravure coating
  • Hot roll
  • Belt lamination
  • Spray coating

Slitting & Die Cutting

CTI offers superior technical support for reliable solutions to engineering challenges. Accredited by the top industry standards boards, CTI knows how to get the job done. They combine innovative technology and creative solutions and hold themselves to very high standards. They provide custom sheeting and are able to convert most materials, including:

  • Cardboard
  • Vinyl
  • Paper
  • Non-woven
  • Foam
  • Cloth

Trust the Process

Repeatable success in manufacturing comes from a comprehensive and thorough process. That’s why CTI has developed their own five-step process, which ensures each client receives high quality service:

  1. Initial Consultation—this is where every project begins. It starts with CTI’s experts ensuring their services align to clients’ goals. This helps avoid confusion and wasted time down the line. During this step, CTI will work to thoroughly understand client goals.
  2. Research & Development—new materials or techniques can have tremendous impacts on any product. But how are companies supposed to know? By letting CTI test and retest until the best combination is discovered.
  3. Lab Testing/Sample—inspecting a product in person is often the only way to know for sure. That’s why CTI offers the ability to produce a sample at any stage of this process. In fact, there is often little to no cost, depending on materials used.
  4. Pilot Run—many manufacturing firms sometimes skip a pilot run. They believe that if they have checked everything once, that’s good enough. But CTI insists on pilot runs for many reasons. Primarily, this process helps expose any potential flaws in production or design. Discovering these flaws at this step can save lots of time and money down the line. In addition, pilot runs can be nimble and efficient. It’s a step that will help ensure successful production.
  5. Production—the final step is the most important. But with CTI, it doesn’t have to be the most stressful. In fact, their process is designed so that full production is a mere formality. By having completed previous steps, there is every confidence that this phase will be successful. So, when time and money are on the line, clients can trust that the full production run will be exactly as expected.

Research and Development

As explained above, research and development is key to success. However, many companies may not have the resources or capabilities to perform this key step. Luckily, CTI offers these services as a value-added benefit to clients. In fact, this is one of the areas in which CTI can provide the most value.

Clients that need to, can utilize CTI’s state-of-the-art facility filled with the latest equipment. That makes it the perfect testing ground for new materials and techniques. Maybe a client is wondering how laminating affects their product. Or, they’re curious about advanced adhesive techniques. Maybe they are curious to see how rewinding affects the production of their goods. The best way to get these answers is through good old trial and error.

Even better, this service comes with CTI’s team of experts to help and provide guidance every step of the way. So, clients can not only test out new techniques but get expert advice from industry leaders. This enables customers to test and improve products with expert guidance. Ordinarily, this kind of service would take a lot of time and huge sums of money. But with CTI, clients have access to these services at a fraction of the cost.

By using this service, clients will be able to enhance and improve products without a major investment in equipment and manpower. CTI’s experts can assist with the development of materials and bonding requirements that can make a major difference in the outcome. This goes for laminates, plastics, and much more. So, your product will benefit from the unique combination of technical assistance and equipment that matches your requirements. Charges for the research and development programs are based on the engineering and lab resources required.

The Master of Versatility

So, what makes CTI different from other service providers? In a word: versatility. Their experts can solve difficult manufacturing problems. They are uniquely qualified to develop solutions to production issues that arise in the development phase. Their team of engineers and technicians oversee a vast array of technology and equipment. Since the manufacturing industry has so many niches and specialization, it takes a versatile expert to be successful.

Experience is another key component of their success. For example, how does a company know which types of adhesive works best with certain materials? When is water-based adhesive the right or wrong choice? The answer to all of these questions is experience. And CTI has plenty of it. They offer decades of experience that clients can count on.

Even better, CTI isn’t satisfied with just doing the bare minimum. They strive to be a true, consultative partner that will help solve challenges—not just perform services. That’s why they invest time and money into every partnership. So, CTI’s success is tied directly to the success of their clients.

Quick and Comprehensive Customization

CTI prides itself on its history of excellence with a wide range of customers. In fact, they have worked with some of the country’s most influential brands, including:

  • Ford
  • Clorox
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Owens Corning
  • Valspar
  • Steinway & Sons
  • Firestone
  • DuPont
  • Hanesbrands
  • And many more!

But it’s not just large companies that CTI can help. They have designed their engineering and production capabilities to facilitate smooth production for all clients. This goes for clients that need temporary or ongoing support.

One of the things that makes them such a valuable partner is their ability to customize projects for clients. After all, no two clients are the same and no two projects are the same. That’s why CTI takes a personalized, customized approach to each and every project. So, the regional auto parts manufacturer can receive the same level of service as an international conglomerate. Best of all, CTI knows that time is of the essence on every project. That’s why they are set up to handle customization quickly and professionally.

Curious as to how they’ve helped other clients? Check out their success stories for a range of customized solutions. Chances are, you’ll find a similar challenge to an issue that you are facing, which CTI has helped solve for a client. But even if you don’t, you’ll see the variety of challenges they’ve resolved. They believe that their successful track record speaks louder than they ever could. Plus, they can even produce small, sample orders. This gives potential clients the ability to inspect the quality of their work up-close and personal. Sometimes, this is the only way to make the right decision. In fact, they believe so strongly in their quality that costs are often minimal for this service.

Request a Quote Today

Providing flat, list pricing for these types of projects can be extremely difficult. After all, CTI prides itself on being able to customize each and every project for customers. That customization is great for producing the highest quality products. But it makes it difficult to be able to provide list pricing.

But what happens when a customer needs pricing before they can even begin planning? Thanks to their experience, CTI understands that this is an important step. That’s why they make it easy for customers to get this information. Simply fill out their easy-to-use quote form to get things started. The form lets a customer put in basic contact information. But the form also allows customers to leave some details about their needs. Therefore, when CTI’s experts get in touch, they will be able to provide more specific information. It’s one of the many ways that CTI keeps things moving and eliminates wasted time.

Prefer to talk to someone? Just give them a call at 419-924-5566 to speak with an expert.