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Why Use a Hot Roll Laminating Machine

When you have lamination needs as a business owner, you'll typically refer to two different machines: the hot roll laminating machine and the cold roll laminating machine. On the surface, they may seem simple--they're both laminators, right? While that part is true, the simple part is not. That's why we're walking ...read more

Adhesive Roll Coaters and How They Work

How do adhesive roll coaters actually work? What's the point of them? And how do I select the right type? These are confusing questions--at first. But as you take in the information below, you'll find that these machines aren't so complicated. Take a look! Types of Roll Coaters You'll find five ...read more

CTI Ohio: Who We Are and What We Offer

What happens when you need a third party contractor to process product orders and simplify production? Turn to us—specifically, CTI Ohio! We know we may be strangers to you right now. But we won’t be for much longer. Here, we’re going to introduce ourselves and what we have to offer to ...read more

The Double Belt Press and Its Alternatives

So you want to know about a belt press machine—and not just that, but the variations of a belt press machine. Like, for example, a double belt press. This equipment can be extremely important. Depending on the type of project you’re working with - the more you know, the better. Here’s ...read more

The Industrial Die Cutting Machine and Its Uses

As you approach different manufacturing processes—consider die cutting. You may already know a lot about it; or perhaps an industrial die cutting machine is an entirely new concept for you. Either way, we’re ready to impart some knowledge. Get ready to learn!       What is an industrial die cutting ...read more

The Customized Laminating Machine: How Does It Work?

It’s often overwhelming when people look for a customized laminating machine. After all, there are so many different types of laminators, even different laminating procedures. The right laminating machine won’t just fit your order—it will also have the customizable features to fit your project perfectly. Find out what you need to ...read more

Direct Gravure Coating: What’s The Difference?

Gravure coating. Direct gravure coating. Reverse gravure coating. What does all of this mean, and how does it affect production? Choose the right process for your project, and it will be smooth sailing. Choose the wrong one, and you may experience issues. Never fear— we’re here to demystify it for you. ...read more

Advanced Coating Technologies: What You Need to Know

There’s a lot to consider when you’re a business owner. If you find yourself dealing with coating systems, you may find it intimidating at first, and understandably. Many different types of advanced coating technologies are readily available. You just need to identify not only which  technologies serve your needs, but how ...read more

Custom Manufacturing: What Does It Cover?

It’s an age-old question for business owners that want to grow their companies: how do you maintain your level of quality and a custom approach while at the same time scaling up? To some, it may seem impossible at first. The fact of the matter is that in order to save ...read more

Why Investing in a Hot Melt Roller Coater Machine May Be Unwise

We’re not going to make assumptions about why you might search for a hot melt roller coater machine—there are a variety of products manufactured with this machine, after all. But one thing is for certain: if you’re using this type of equipment, you probably aren’t making one product. Roll to roll ...read more

Third Party Manufacturing: Is It Right For You?

So you need a product manufactured. While you may easily assume that the only option you have is manufacturing it yourself (“in house”) this isn’t actually the case. Third party manufacturing has been alive and well in the industry for quite some time, and it’s been embraced wholeheartedly by many small ...read more

What is the Best Automotive Headliner Fabric?

There is more to building a vehicle than the car’s internal mechanics. The interior of the vehicle is also incredibly important, both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Furthermore, there are practical aspects to ensuring that a vehicle’s interior is in good shape. It’s difficult to use a car if it ...read more