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We Provide Additional Capability and Capacity to Your OperationAs a contract coater and laminating service, CTI is able to provide assistance and production solutions to most industries in the world. Using our vast array of coating and laminating equipment we can surely provide a solution to cover your production needs.

If you are a manufacturer running short on capacity or are unable to meet a surge in production requirements, our facilities are capable of taking on short or long production runs. Our equipment is specifically organized in a modular fashion, in order to remain flexible and meet the needs of our clients. Laminating and coating equipment can be customized to meet the requirements of your materials and our technicians and engineers are ready to assist when issues arise.

Evaluating new materials is imperative, when creating new products. AT CTI, we are able to develop several generations of materials for your evaluation and testing, in order to make the best choice from available components. Since we work with many adhesive and compounding companies, we can be of assistance to recommend the ideal solution for your unique requirements.

Our engineering team is well-equipped to handle development of new materials and processes as needed. The testing phase of new products is best done in a contract facility, which allows investigation of various production and sourcing methodologies, without the major capital investment normally required. Using our operation to develop products and materials allows organizations to wait until they are sure of the long-term requirements, before purchasing costly equipment and technology.

In summary, a contract coating and laminating provider can serve as an extension of your organization and can assist in many operational activities that otherwise would demand a large investment of time and capital. Every company cannot have a staff of engineers and the latest technology and equipment at their disposal, but you can have exactly that, when you work with CTI.