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fabric laminating servicesMany industries require fabric laminating services for common textile goods. From baby bibs to furniture coverings and beyond, lamination creates durable and attractive fabrics with many different applications. However, every business should understand the basic process and materials before investing in fabric laminating services. 

Here, we’ll look at the world of fabric lamination and how the process typically works. In addition, we’ll examine why many businesses choose to use a contract manufacturer for their fabric lamination needs. 

Fabric Lamination: Materials and Process

The process of laminating fabric goods can take several forms and use many different types of materials. The substrate, or material being laminated, is a rolled or sheet fabric material such as polyester, cotton, nylon, or foam. Then, the laminating process applies a layer of a laminate material such as PVC, silicone, or acrylic onto the substrate. 

Manufacturers can use a variety of techniques to laminate fabrics. The majority of fabric lamination projects today use thermoplastic hot melt adhesives or heat lamination. However, the most appropriate technology and technique will always depend on the materials used and the desired outcomes. 

Important Uses of Fabric Lamination

The lamination process produces textiles with layered designs that give them desirable qualities. Waterproofing fabric for use in outerwear and weatherproof coverings is among the most common use cases for fabric lamination. However, other uses include: 

  • Fire retardant fabrics
  • Moisture wicking athletic fabrics
  • Spill- and dirt-resistant furniture coverings
  • Building products such as carpets and vapor barriers
  • Multi-sided textile goods such as cleaning supplies

Some industries that commonly use laminated fabric goods include: 

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Apparel
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Sanitation
  • Home Goods

Fabric Laminating vs. Fabric Coating

Sometimes, you might see the terms “fabric laminating” and “fabric coating” referred to interchangeably. However, they’re two different techniques. Here’s the difference:

  • Fabric coating is the application of a polymer, or another kind of substance, to a fabric directly.
  • Fabric laminating is the application of one or more layers of material on top of a fabric using an adhesive or thermal process. 

Either coated or laminated fabrics can offer strong performance in the right application. However, fabric laminating is a common choice for applications that demand lighter and more flexible fabrics that are still highly durable. 

Contract Fabric Laminating Services and Fabric Cutting Services from CTI

Fabric lamination is a specialized type of laminating service that requires special tools. For many businesses, it’s most cost-effective to hire the fabric laminating services of an experienced contract manufacturer. Using a contract manufacturer provides more process flexibility without extensive up front investment in pricey equipment. 

CTI is a full-service contract manufacturer specializing in contract lamination of rolled and sheet goods. Fabric is one of the many substrate types that we can laminate. Moreover, we offer extensive conversion manufacturing capabilities that makes us an ideal choice for businesses that need laminated fabrics. 

How has CTI made ourselves an industry leader in fabric lamination? 

  • Laminating Options: CTI offers numerous process and material options for fabric lamination. We can work with almost any fabric, substrate, or adhesive you need. 
  • Modular Manufacturing Systems: We can help you optimize your fabric laminating process through our modular system. Thanks to our flexible capabilities, it’s easy to reconfigure our processes to refine your product or achieve cost savings. 
  • R&D Facilities: CTI can help make your research and development process faster and smoother. We can create sample runs and perform quality testing to assist with product development. 
  • In-House Fabric Cutting: Our fabric cutting capabilities make us a one-stop shop. We’ll precision-cut your fabric goods using our advanced fabric die cutting machines and deliver them ready to go. 

Our 5-Step Approach 

Over the years, we have determined that by following our 5-step plan, we can ensure a smooth process and a successful outcome for every project we take on.

  1. Initial Consultation: We must feel that we can provide either the facilities, the equipment, the process or the personnel that the client requires. Thus, there must be a mutual agreement that we are a good fit and will be able to work together as partners to help the client succeed.
  2. Research & Development: Testing, trial and error product development, new product creation, and improving existing products are all expensive procedures for any company. However, they often lead to innovations and new products that increase profits in the long-term. Using our facility to ensure product success is a major cost-savings for our clients upfront.
  3. Lab Testing/Sample: Before everyone approves the final product, it is always better to evaluate a sample and have it in hand. That allows us to discover any flaws in a design or process before we get too far along in the production cycle. We can produce a sample at any stage that we deem necessary to prevent expensive issues later on.
  4. Pilot Run: Our commitment to a perfect end result begins with a pilot run. Only by testing all systems, equipment and materials through a complete cycle will you discover some small issue that could present a major expense if left until the final production phase.
  5. Production: Finally, this step is the most anticipated, yet predictable phase. We already know that the final product will be perfect, since we have tested along the way and done a pilot run. At this point, everything is in place to ensure success for our clients.

CTI is ready to be your go-to contract manufacturer for fabric laminating services. Call us today at 419-924-5566 to get started with a free quote.