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CTI-slitting-and-die-cuttingIn addition to CTI’s lamination and coating capabilities, other capabilities include Slitting and Die cutting and sheeting.  These are offered as a subsequent process in the converting here at CTI.

We can slit from 65” wide down to 1.5”, and we can slit a variety of materials from foams, non-wovens, TPO’s and EPDMs.  Our Dusenbury slitter/rewinder has a guider and differential shafts for great tension control and bookend accuracy.

Another service offered here at CTI is our die cutting.  This is also a subsequent process after lamination or coating. The Atom die cutter at CTI offers a powerful, accurate and quick answer to your problem.  With the hold and drag pincers, the cutting belt allows for continuous cutting (up to 15 strokes per minute) of the whole width of materials in rolls or sheets.  This is designed to get the best performance as far as cutting speed and material yield.

We also offer sheeting services from 65” wide, and can cut almost any material to a desired size from rolled goods, which includes cardboard, vinyl, foam, and cloth.