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contract coatingBefore your company launches its products, they may first need coating. This might include primer in order to increase the surface tension. It may involve an adhesive that has reactivation potential so it can stick to other products. Whatever the case, it is important to work with a contract coating company. Here are the services that professionals offer:

Attention to detail

It is important that coating is precise, which means paying attention to every detail. A contract coating expert will make certain everything adheres according to your specifications. And if something requires fixing or has to reworked, they will take care of the issue quickly.


Contract coating professionals have years of experience in the industry. They will have the knowledge required to ensure your products are properly coated. In addition, they will be familiar with laws and regulations that could affect these products.


You know you have a great contractor if everything is easy. They have no problem following your instructions and guidelines or meeting deadlines. Your products come back to exactly as you specified. Your supplier should also be able to work on special projects or other things that may require a tight turnaround.

Out-of-the-box thinking

While some coating procedures have been in use for years, that does not mean improvement isn’t possible. A good contracting company will not just use the same processes as in the past. They will come up with new and different solutions ideal for your specific products.

CTI can provide you with all of your contract coating needs

CTI will help you figure out the best type of coating for your products. We have a coatings facility that allows us to evaluate different production methods. The equipment we have on hand includes a gravure coater, slot die, and hot roll coater. This allows us to use hot melt adhesives as well as water-based systems. Get in touch with CTI to discuss your coating needs.