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contract manufacturerWhat are the core functions that a good contract manufacturer needs to provide? At Conversion Technologies International, we’ve spent years refining our mission and discovering what our clients need. Our experience has taught us that contract manufacturing needs to fulfill three main functions:

  • Product Testing: Contract manufacturing provides firms with an opportunity to market test a product before fully committing manufacturing capital to it.
  • R&D Facilities: Companies can reduce costs associated with the R&D process by taking advantage of a flexible manufacturing facility.
  • Stopgap Production: High demand can cause overbooking and production backups in even the most efficient facilities. When filling orders demands temporarily expanding production capacity, contract manufacturing provides a solution.

CTI’s specialty is conversion manufacturing of rolled goods on a contract basis. In these capacities, CTI offers three main services: adhesive coating, laminating, and slitting/die cutting.

Adhesive Coating

CTI’s state-of-the-art adhesive coating technologies have made us an industry leader for decades. Our facility played an integral part in the development of modern automotive headliner products. We’ve developed cutting-edge solutions for diverse industries including wind energy and roofing.

Our modular manufacturing line allows us to easily reconfigure processes and techniques. The applications and capabilities we offer include:

  • Hot-melt and water-based adhesive coatings, applied via gravure coater, Meyer rod, knife-over-roll, and more
  • Water-based coating for both cosmetic and functional applications
  • Variety of adhesive capabilities, including thermoplastic, latex, EVA, and more
  • Diverse substrate capabilities, including foam, rubber, fabrics


CTI’s ability to innovate in response to client needs shines through in our custom lamination projects. One automotive firm contacted CTI for help in designing a new laminate product that other manufacturers had been unable to produce. CTI created a custom lamination solution using our adaptive manufacturing process that was to spec, efficient, and scalable. Our solution allowed the client to bring the product to market at 400,000 parts per year.

  • Wide range of one- and two-sided lamination techniques, including gravure, hot roll, and slot die
  • Belt laminator allows lamination of both sheet and rolled goods
  • Ability to laminate up to three substrates up to 1 inch thick simultaneously

Slitting and Die Cutting

Slitting and die cutting is often an essential part of the finishing process of rolled goods. CTI now provides these services as part of our commitment to offering end-to-end rolled goods contract manufacturing:

  • Flatbed die cutters with up to 150 tons of pressure
  • Ability to die cut materials up to ⅝” thick, including “kiss” cuts
  • Wide variety of materials capabilities, including engineered wood products, cloth, plastic, rubber

Types of Outsourcing Available

Keep in mind, if you’re looking for third-party manufacturing, there are different types other than just contract manufacturing. Specifically you can opt for toll manufacturing as well. 

With tolling, you select the raw materials and specific formulations if you wish. Basically, you pay a fee—a toll—and the manufacturer refines or mills the materials for you. Controlling the formula along with the raw materials adds an additional degree of power. While you’re not stepping back and going completely hands-off, you use the skills of a manufacturer to create the best possible product.

Many small business owners prefer tolling agreement manufacturing to contract manufacturing because of this aspect. Giving up control to a third party can be intimidating. However, this type of compromise allows businesses to remain involved in the process. Furthermore, the connection you make with a good tolling manufacturer may last for the long term, affording you more than just peace of mind.

A Rolled Goods Contract Manufacturer That Does It All

If your rolled goods contract manufacturer doesn’t provide all of the above services under one roof, you’re probably losing out. CTI’s full-service modular facility has the capability, and our staff has the expertise, to create the solutions you need. Start your custom contract manufacturing solution; call us at 419-924-5566 or email sales@conversiontechnologies.com.