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die cutting servicesDie cutting is an important part of many production processes. It allows manufacturers to easily create clean, mass-producible parts. However, because the costs involved with in-house die cutting are significant, it’s also common to use contract die cutting services.

First, we’ll look at the key elements of die cutting services here, including the relevant technologies. Then, we’ll examine how manufacturers can find a die cutting service that fits their needs.

The Basics of Die Cutting

Overall, die cutting is a manufacturing technique that uses pre-made templates to quickly make cuts in large amounts of material. This process has a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, and businesses use it to create many different goods. 

Notably, these applications can include everything from industrial rubber gaskets to labels and stickers. It’s common to see die cutting used for cutting sheets of rubber, foam, fabric, paper, and other web materials. Automotive die cutting applications are particularly common, as automakers need large amounts of highly standardized parts.

The process offers big efficiency advantages for mass-produced goods while also providing excellent precision in cuts. Die cutting is also extremely versatile thanks to the range of different die cutting technologies available today.

What Types of Die Cutting Services Are Available? 

Manufacturers use many different techniques as part of the die cutting process. For web goods, flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting are the two most common. 

Flatbed die cutting uses steel rule dies and a flatbed hydraulic die press. It’s an ideal method for smaller production runs, it’s highly versatile, and its upfront costs are lower than other methods. 

Rotary die cutting uses a rotating die stamp that makes cuts in the web as it passes underneath. This method can have higher upfront costs, but it’s great for large production runs. Rotary die cutting is also an excellent choice if your project requires kiss cuts. 

Digital die cutting is another option that’s recently become popular thanks to advances in manufacturing technology. A digital die cutter uses a computer controlled die to create a huge range of cutout shapes with extreme precision. Today’s top contract manufacturing services often feature digital die cutting services to ensure their clients get exactly the cuts they need. 

Why Businesses Use Contract Die Cutting Services

A contract manufacturer offers manufacturing services on demand to businesses who need additional capacity or specialty equipment. Because die cutting requires sophisticated tools like hydraulic presses, it’s an ideal candidate for contract manufacturing.

Businesses can often save considerable money and time by outsourcing their die cutting operations to contract manufacturers. Working with a contract manufacturer provides access to technologies and expertise that might not otherwise be available. 

Even large businesses with advanced manufacturing facilities might outsource certain types of die cutting. Contract die cutting frees up resources for other tasks, and it can also provide extra capacity to accommodate demand surges. 

Custom Contract Die Cutting from CTI

Conversion Technologies International is a leading contract conversion manufacturer with specialties in laminating, adhesive coating, and die cutting. We offer full service custom die cutting because our clients need single-source convenience for all of their manufacturing needs. 

Every project goes through our five-step process to ensure quality. 

Expertise and Customization

Plus, we’ve designed our facilities for flexible modular manufacturing capacity. We can reconfigure manufacturing processes quickly, which also makes us a great fit when your project requires R&D resources. Notably, we equip our exceptional facilities with multiple flat-bed die cutters allowing us the ability to cut from rolled or sheet form. 

Additionally, our expertise is broad and we serve multiple industries.

Our clients include:

  • DuPont
  • Ford
  • Owens Corning
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • General Motors
  • Steelcase
  • Firestone

Additional Services

Our fully-operational facility has the latest equipment able to handle a wide range of coatings and adhesives. We have the ability to process substrates from vinyl, paper and polypropylene to cloth, foam and polyester. 

Similarly, we provide lamination services. Our coating equipment ranges from slot die, roll coating, gravure coating, hot roll lamination and hot melt spray coating to belt lamination techniques. Likewise, if you’re looking for stretchable lamination, we offer the option of powdered adhesive. 

Most importantly, we adhere to all industry standards including ASME and ASTM. 

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