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adhesive services companyAdhesives are omnipresent in the goods that consumers and businesses use every day. Whether they’re present in the packaging, the goods themselves, or both, adhesives fulfill many critical functions. Often, the adhesive services company is the one that applies these adhesives during the manufacturing process. 

Businesses use adhesive services when they need expanded capacity and/or specialized expertise in adhesives. Today, we’ll discuss how your business can find an adhesive company that produces the results you’re looking for. 

Does My Business Need an Adhesive Services Company?

Some businesses have the capacity to do all of their adhesive manufacturing processes in-house. Many others, however, choose to outsource adhesive services to a contract manufacturer. 

If your business has any of the following needs, you might require an adhesive services company: 

  • Working with hot melt adhesives or other types of adhesives that require specialized handling, equipment or storage procedures
  • Adhesive coating that meets ASTM, ASME, SAE, or other professional and safety standards
  • Coating and laminating fragile or otherwise challenging substrate materials
  • Designing custom solutions for adhesive manufacturing
  • Testing and researching new products

Common Adhesive Services

Businesses often outsource numerous elements of the adhesive manufacturing and application process to contract manufacturers. Any stage of the process, from mixing the adhesives to coating web goods to laminating layers together, can be outsourced. 

Adhesive coating and laminating are two of the most commonly outsourced adhesive services. These processes require equipment such as laminating machines to complete. Installing and maintaining this equipment can occupy significant resources that, for most businesses, are more efficiently spent elsewhere. 

Thus, when businesses seek out adhesive services, coating and laminating are two of the services that they’re often looking for. How can businesses go about finding these services? 

How to Find an Adhesive Services Company

Finding a reliable contract manufacturer can be challenging, especially if your business has specialty adhesive needs. It’s common to use manufacturing directories such as ThomasNet to find adhesive services companies that offer the right credentials.

However, most directories will only provide basic information about a business’s certifications and specialties. To really evaluate whether a contract manufacturer is right for your business, it’s important to look for aspects such as: 

  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
  • Sufficiently fast turnaround times
  • Free quotes and consultations with company experts
  • Production capacity that matches your needs
  • Experience in working with a wide variety of materials
  • Ability to reconfigure and custom-design manufacturing processes

These are the aspects that will tell you the real story of how an adhesive services company performs. Attention to these aspects is a big part of why many businesses use Conversion Technologies International for their adhesive services. 

Adhesive Services from CTI

CTI is a contract conversion manufacturer with extensive experience and industry-leading expertise in the adhesives sector. Our adhesive coating professionals have worked with almost every type of application imaginable. From automotive products to office supplies to self-adhesive roof tarps, CTI has done it all. 

Moreover, our adhesive service offerings are designed to be highly flexible and customizable to each client’s needs. We have experience in creating custom adhesive solutions for clients with unique requirements. Our expansive R&D resources and modular manufacturing systems provide unparalleled adaptability. 

Our 5-Step Process

Many of the top manufacturing companies in the country use CTI’s services because of our 5-step process. Most projects will follow this path in order to ensure success of the finished product. We have found that taking these steps increases efficiency, shortens the timeline of the project and produces superior products.

Initial Consultation:

The first step that we take, especially with a new client, is to carefully evaluate the needs, concerns and requirements for the project in question. We want to be sure that our team and our facilities are the perfect match with our clients’ expectations and will produce the expected end-product. This upfront review eliminates any waste of valuable resources and provides all parties with the confidence that the finished product will meet the anticipated goal.

Research and Development:

The goal of our engineers is to provide the support needed to develop all aspects of a product’s components in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our state-of-the-art equipment is available to all clients. It offers a superior testing and development facility that most companies do not want to, or cannot afford to, equip and staff, due to the high cost and large physical space it requires. However, by utilizing CTI’s facilities our clients have the advantage of the latest resources to prepare a new product for market, or to improve an existing product. All clients, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations, receive the same research and development advantage over their competitors at a fraction of the cost. Our fees for these services are based on the resources your company requires.

Lab Testing/Samples:

During the testing and production cycle, we have found that it can be a huge cost-saving measure to produce samples at various stages. This will eliminate the discovery of a flaw when the process is close to completion. The minimal charge for such samples can save huge budget dollars by discovering an issue early on in the process, when it is much easier to correct.

Pilot Trial Run:

Another initiative that we prefer is to produce a sample production run. Expensive problems in producing a product are best found before you begin the initial production run at full capacity! By simulating the conditions of a full production run, we have the opportunity to evaluate and test the outcome to prevent future problems before they show up and cause a costly production shutdown.


After taking the above steps, the final production run is sure to be a success. If your company utilizes our extensive engineering support, our modular equipment and full-service facilities to complete the actual production, your bottom line will reflect the savings! By taking advantage of our resources, your company will not have to make the investment in physical space, expensive equipment and technicians to manufacture your product.

Get started on your business’s adhesive solution from CTI today. Give our experts a call at 419-924-5566, or request a quote online. We’ll be happy to show you why our five-step process produces results that our clients love!