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contract laminatingOften, outsourcing is the fastest and easiest way for companies to save steps in the manufacturing process. This is especially true when it comes to a specialized service like lamination. In most cases, contract laminating services offer the most benefits.

Why Use Contract Laminating Services?

Cut Costs

Using outside laminating services can reduce costs for both machinery and manpower. First, there is savings by not having to invest in expensive equipment and machinery. This type of machinery can be very expensive. Second, they will not have to bring in skilled professionals or pay to train current workers. Finally, outsourced lamination means that you pay only for the services and products you need exactly when you need them. There is no long-term investment to plan.

Save Time

Contract laminating is an excellent way to manufacture products in a timely manner. With experts involved in every step of production, they will provide the best quality control. If an issue arises, they will determine the optimal solution. This ensures an efficient manufacturing process. As a result, items can quickly move on to the next necessary step for finalization or go directly to the marketplace.

Conversion Technologies International’s Contract Laminating Services

CTI offers state-of-the-art lamination services. Our facility utilizes the latest equipment operated by experts. This includes gravure coating, hot melt spray, slot die, and hot roll. We also have a lab that enables us to do extensive testing. This allows us to research exactly which laminating techniques work best. Whatever the requirements, we will find the best solution. Our facility is based on a modular arrangement, so that the appropriate equipment is always available to produce the required outcome. We can use powdered adhesives to create a stretchable or breathable lamination. With our belt laminator, we can laminate sheet goods. We also have special water-based equipment that can laminate with water-based adhesives. No matter the substrate, we can work with it. Our experience covers a wide range of substrates, including foam, latex, paper, polyester, nylon, and many others.

Our Lamination Solutions

Often companies come to us with unique issues. One customer from the auto industry wanted to compress a non-woven material and then laminate it to aluminum. After talking to several lamination firms, they believed that no one could handle the task. We proved them wrong, however. Very quickly we analyzed the problem and devised a solution. Then, we had no problem helping them meet their quota of 400,000 parts every year.

Another customer from the personal absorbent industry needed help with lamination and they called on us. Their product required the lamination of a moisture barrier to absorbent materials. Using our water-based gravure method – which offers precise control of adhesion applications – we were able to accomplish this.

Why Choose CTI?

In addition to providing assistance with manufacturing processes, we offer a complete research and development lab. It has resolved issues for many major industries during the creative and design stages before bringing new products to market. Why invest in expensive equipment for one step in the manufacturing process? Allow CTI to help with any stage along the way, from research to final production runs.

Our modular approach allows us to fit in seamlessly and become an extension of your core production group. Some of the industries that we have worked with include office furniture, roofing and construction materials, consumer products and many more.

If you are having difficulty finding assistance with your laminating needs, contact CTI. Call us at 419-924-5566 or fill out this form for a free quote on your project.