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Contract Manufacturing CompaniesWhen manufacturers need help fine-tuning a product, they turn to a contract manufacturer. Contract manufacturing companies provide valuable services that help products succeed. In this industry, no one is more trusted than Conversion Technologies International (CTI). For nearly three decades, CTI has been a leader in adhesive coatings and lamination. They have built their business on a combination of innovative equipment and leading expertise. This combination allows them to help clients make or improve products of all kinds. Plus, they have standard operating procedures that offer clients a hands-off approach.

Contract Manufacturing Companies

To understand the value that contract manufacturing companies offer, it is important to understand what they do. Essentially, contract manufacturing describes a mutually beneficial arrangement between two companies. For example, a company has manufactured some flooring products that they plan to sell. In order to differentiate their products, they decide the product needs to be laminated. However, they lack both the experience and equipment to handle this job. That’s where CTI comes in. Their experts can take delivery of unfinished or semi-finished products and finish them. And then, they can return to a warehouse or forward to a distribution center or retailer. It’s such a valuable service that clients in many different industries benefit from it.

A Proven Method for Success

It’s no accident that CTI has built a reputation as an industry leader. In fact, it’s really quite simple how this has happened. It all starts with their unique, five-step process that helps clients create products destined for success:

  1. Initial Consultation—the first step is to match clients’ needs to CTI’s abilities. Chances are they can handle your challenge. But they believe in respecting clients’ time and budget, so they want to make sure before starting.
  2. Research & Development—use CTI’s equipment and expertise to test new methods and materials. This is one of their most valuable services, and there are few companies that provide this service.
  3. Lab Testing/Sample—need a product sample? CTI can produce one at any stage of the process, often for little to no cost.
  4. Pilot Run—pilot runs can make or break an operation. Make sure products are ready for the market by conducting pilot runs. If they aren’t ready, they can easily be fixed before beginning production.
  5. Production—only after products have been checked and re-checked does production begin. That way, clients can rest assured that products will be in the best possible form and on time.

Trust the Experts

Expertise is far more than just having capabilities and know-how. Although CTI has extensive equipment and is highly capable, they also offer so much more. After all, capabilities don’t mean much when they aren’t backed by service. CTI strives to be a true, consultative partner that clients can trust. That means that they provide far more than just a simple service. It means they will invest in partnerships and help clients succeed. They help make sure clients’ products will be successful for the marketplace. Check out just a few of their many success stories to see how they’ve helped other clients. Plus, they offer sample orders for minimal costs so potential clients can see the quality of their work.

Ready to get started? Give them a call today at 419-924-5566.