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contract manufacturingWhile most businesses probably dream of having the operating budget of a company like Apple, they know it’s not feasible. This is why they have to be smart with the money they do have to spend. Therefore, when planning production, they may find that doing everything in-house is not cost-effective. This is where contract manufacturing can be extremely beneficial, as this outsources certain elements of the manufacturing process. There are several advantages in choosing this option, including:

Cost Savings

Even companies with sizable budgets want to spend their money wisely. Often, the manufacturing process involves not only bringing in expensive equipment, but hiring new employees to operate it. For one-time or sporadic projects, this does not make a lot of financial sense. However, by outsourcing selected production steps companies only pay for what they need when they need it.

Access to Experts

Production professionals are experts at what they do. Manufacturers know they must devise the methods to ensure the finished product meets exact specifications. Also, if there are challenges or obstacles to overcome, they can use their expertise to devise the best solutions.

Quick Work and Excellent Quality

Because experienced professionals will do the work, it will reach completion in a timely manner. This is especially important when trying to bring products to market as quickly as possible. In that case, not only does the production need to move fast, but it requires great care and attention. A company cannot sacrifice quality for speed.

The Contract Manufacturing Services Offered by Conversion Technologies International

At CTI, we provide a full-line of manufacturing services in three distinct areas:


Using state-of-the-art equipment, we utilize a variety of different laminating techniques. These include hot roll, gravure coating, and belt lamination. We often provide laminating services to companies in a variety of industries, including roofing, insulation, consumer products and automotive.


Working with adhesives can be tricky, but our experts are familiar with all types of materials. We can apply adhesives to silicone, latex, acetate, and many other kinds of materials. Our equipment has the capability to make products fire-retardant and also water-repellent.

Slitting and Die Cutting

No matter what requires cutting, our equipment is up for the challenge. We utilize flat-bed die cutters so we can cut from rolled or sheet form. The materials we often work with include vinyl, cloth, and paper.

The CTI Manufacturing Process

Our contract manufacturing process involves five steps:

  • Consultation – Through a free consultation, we look at the scope of a project and decide if we are a good fit.
  • Research and Development – Our experts will determine the combination of equipment and techniques that will work best.
  • Sample Creation – At any time throughout the production process, we can create samples to see if anything needs to change.
  • Trial Run – A simulation of production will offer excellent insight into how things will work in real-time.
  • Production – The final step, we will produce just the quantity of items a business requires.

It is no longer necessary for companies to waste time or resources when it comes to the production process. Contract manufacturing is the smart way to better use a budget and get products out on the market faster. CTI makes the investment in experts and cutting-edge equipment, so that our customers can spend their cash in other areas.

To learn more about the manufacturing services offered by CTI, or for a free project quote, contact us. Today, call us at 419-924-5566 or just fill out our online form.