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custom die cutting servicesCustom die cutting is one of the many manufacturing processes that convert rolled and sheet goods into their final forms. However, the labor and equipment costs associated with die cutting can be significant. That’s why many businesses use contract custom die cutting services for creating die cut goods.

Use this die cutting primer to understand how to find customized die cutting that meets your business’s needs. Some key info we’ll discuss includes the basics of die cutting and the advantages of using contract services. In addition, we’ll show you why CTI is at the forefront of contract die cutting services. Many of the largest companies (and smallest companies) in the country rely on CTI for this critical component of their manufacturing process.

What is Custom Die Cutting?

Die cutting uses a metal punch or “knife” to create cuts in a flat material. These materials can be anything from thin metal to cardboard to plastic foam. The manufacturer places the material into a die cutting machine, which punches the die through the material. This produces a clean, accurate cut that’s used to make everything from packing boxes to rubber gaskets.

Multiple methods of die cutting exist. Flatbed die cutting is the most popular and most common, but others like rotary cutting also play a role. Which method you choose will affect how you create your custom die cutting solution.

Customization is a core element of the die cutting process. Steel rule die cutting using a flatbed die press is the fastest and easiest method for customizing your cuts. The tooling process is faster on flatbed dies than on other methods such as rotary dies. In fact, with today’s technologies, it’s never been easier to create the custom parts you need using flatbed die cutting. Computer-aided design makes the process a snap. 

Why Your Business Might Need Custom Die Cutting Services

Even with these new technological tools, the die cutting process requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Installing and maintaining a die cutter alone is a substantial investment. Additionally, employees need training to operate it safely and effectively, creating additional expenditures.

For many businesses, there are major advantages to using a contract die cutting service instead. Contract manufacturers offer professional, outsourced die cutting services for a fee. Rather than investing in complex and costly die cutting equipment, a manufacturer can outsource the process and utilize the services on demand. 

Services from CTI

Conversion Technologies International (CTI) is a full-service contract conversion manufacturer. In addition to our adhesive coating and laminating services, we also offer contract custom die cutting as a core offering. CTI’s modular manufacturing facilities give us the ideal tools for creating dies quickly and easily. Our facilities are organized for flexibility, so that we can handle projects of all sizes.

CTI has a long history of working with the most prestigious names in manufacturing. We’ve created custom manufacturing solutions for Ford, Du Pont, Owens Corning, Kimberly-Clark, Firestone, Steinway and numerous others. Our conversion manufacturing professionals excel at solving tough challenges, and we’re ready to help you solve yours. Smaller companies rely on us as well, since the budgetary considerations usually determine that outsourcing is the most cost-effective solution.

Need-to-Know Info on CTI’s Process

Here are some quick facts about CTI’s die cutting services:

  • Materials: Adhesive-backed materials are our specialty, but we can also cut fabrics, paper, rubber, non-wovens and numerous other materials.
  • Methods: CTI uses flatbed die cutters for their precise cuts and cost-effective design. Our capabilities also include belt-fed die cutting for superior efficiency.
  • Size: Our die cutters can accommodate materials as thick as ⅝”. Sheet goods sizes may be up to 40” x 60”, and rolled materials can be as wide as 60”.
  • Industries: We focus on automotive, office furniture and construction applications. However, our experience includes work in a huge variety of industries.
  • Slitting: Many businesses that use die cutting services also need roll slitting to cut rolled goods to size. That’s why CTI also provides custom roll slitting. 
  • Turnaround: Our die cutting services have lead times of 1 to 6 weeks for a medium to long production run. 

Further Advantages of Choosing CTI

Since we offer many contract services in addition to die cutting, many companies prefer CTI when they have a variety of processes that they don’t want or need to handle internally. Our huge investment in cutting-edge technology, equipment and our experienced technicians all combine to offer a solution that results in cost savings that go straight to the bottom line.

Our adhesive coating and laminating services cover a broad range of materials and we are able to take part in the manufacturing process for everything from consumer products to airline and automobile parts and roofing materials.

Another service that we provide is an extensive research and development lab. This facility is fully-equipped to handle every step of those processes, including new product development, existing product improvement and creation of additional features on a product in order to meet new competition. Companies of all sizes sometimes find that setting up an in-house R&D facility is too costly, since it may not be in use full-time. It would take a long time to recoup the cost of purchasing the latest equipment and hiring trained personnel. Additionally, the equipment has to be replaced frequently to keep up with technological advances.

More questions? Our experienced technicians are always glad to help. Call CTI at 419-924-5566, or contact us online for a free quote