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Paper die cutting services near me When you’re manufacturing products at scale, cutting paper requires tools a lot more sophisticated than scissors. That’s what makes paper die cutting such an important process. In fact, finding paper die cutting services near me is one of the most common needs among paper goods manufacturers.


FAQs About Paper Die Cutting Services

When our customers approach us about our integrative services, they have some common questions.

  • How does paper die cutting actually work?
  • In what manner does it integrate with the manufacturing processes?
  • How can your business access custom paper die cutting services when it needs them most?

Here’s a quick review of what you need to know. 

How Paper Die Cutting Works

The fundamentals of die cutting are simple: A manufacturer creates a custom metal cutting tool in a particular design. Then, the manufacturer uses the tool to cut out that design into a flat material—in this case, paper. Using die cutting, it’s easy to create thousands or millions of the same design, quickly and accurately.

Manufacturers use paper die cutting to create all kinds of paper goods. From stickers to product packaging to business cards, die cutting is necessary for so many of the paper goods we use. It also cuts a variety of paper stocks, from crepe paper to card stock to corrugated board. No matter the type of paper used in the manufacture of your products, we have the equipment and technicians to handle the job.

Die cutting is scalable, accurate, and versatile enough to lend itself well to many different applications. Multiple methods of die cutting exist, including flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting. Each method has its own advantages, and both are in widespread use by paper products manufacturers. 

Paper Die Cutting Techniques

Kiss cutting is one of the most common techniques in paper die cutting. In a kiss cut, the die cutting blade pierces partway through a multi-layer web. This leaves the final product with a backing layer behind it, as in the case of die cut stickers.

Slitting is another process that’s often performed alongside die cutting. In this process, a slitting machine cuts rolls of paper goods to size, out of larger rolls of paper. Some manufacturers even use a slitter re-winder machine to slit rolls, stamp or die cut the material, then rewind them.

It’s also common to use precision die technologies in combination with other processes such as adhesive coating. Here, stickers are a great example again. The manufacturer combines two layers of material using an adhesive coating process. Then, using die cutting, the manufacturer cuts both materials into the desired shape simultaneously.

Using a Contract Manufacturer

Paper die cutting on an industrial scale requires large and complex die cutting machines. In addition, it requires an experienced technician to operate and maintain the equipment. Due to the resource-intensive nature of the process, many manufacturers look for a quality outsourced paper die cutting solution instead.

For many manufacturers, contract manufacturing offers the simplest and most cost-effective way to perform paper die cutting. A contract manufacturer provides services like die cutting and slitting to other manufacturers on a contract basis. Manufacturers pay only for the services and quantity they need, without the upkeep costs of in-house die cutting.

CTI serves as a resource for some of the top manufacturers in the country, offering a wide variety of die cutting, slitting, laminating and adhesive services. Utilizing our services has become a preferred method of cost savings by both large and small companies.

How to Find a Contract Manufacturer with Paper Die Cutting Services Near Me

Working with a local contract manufacturer might not always be possible. It also might not get you the best rates and quality. However, Conversion Technologies International works with clients nationwide and all over the world. 

Paper is one of many materials for which CTI offers comprehensive die cutting solutions. Our portfolio of work includes numerous paper cutting projects for clients in industries like household goods, office products, and more. 

Consider Our Five-Step Process

Our five-step process ensures outstanding quality for your project. From the minute you begin your free consultation, you’ll see that CTI is committed to excellence on every project, regardless of size. We have a state-of-the-art research and development facility that is always available to our clients in order to develop new products and improve existing ones. Our lab testing machinery and equipment allows us to produce samples at any stage of production. This ensures a quality finished product when it’s time for the final production run. A pilot trial run is a smaller volume production run to avoid issues during the actual production. Then, the final production run is a guaranteed success. All steps lead to a positive outcome because of careful planning at every stage.

Why Choose CTI for Your Paper Die Cutting Services?

In addition to the requirements of nationwide corporations, we also serve start-ups and smaller companies with the same attention and cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Large companies need additional capacity at times, in order to handle seasonal heavy volume or to save them from expanding into a larger facility in order to handle a growing business. Smaller companies may have budget constraints that make it more cost-effective to use contract die cutting services. Investing in expensive equipment and additional operators can cut into profits, while contracting the work to CTI can mean a substantial cost savings.

Let’s Get Started!

It’s time to find the paper die cutting solution that’s right for your business. Begin today by calling our manufacturing experts at 419-924-5566. We also offer free quotes online—just use our contact form, and we’ll get started on your quote!