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Custom Foam Coating ManufacturersWe use custom foam coating for a variety of different reasons. Custom foam coating manufacturers serve those in need of cushioning and padding in their home, cars and other areas. Furthermore, they can accommodate filtration needs as well. Depending on the type of foam coating used, it can potentially harden and create a brittle shell. The point of custom foam coating is that it is versatile and relatively easy to apply, as long as you’re sourcing high quality material.

Of course, the issue is not just a matter of knowing that you need custom foam coating—but finding a good supplier as well. Custom foam coating manufacturers vary in quality, just as you would find with manufacturers in similar industries. However, the availability of these manufacturers—and contract manufacturers in general—means that you don’t have to rely on yourself to create the products you need. You have options. You just need to know what exactly you’re looking for first.

What Types of Custom Foam Coating Manufacturers Are Available?

As previously mentioned, there are many different types of foam coatings available. We’ll begin with epoxy coating. Epoxy coating is meant to create a thin, protective shell over the foam. Usually, if we place the product outside for a short amount of time (two months maximum is typically recommended) epoxy coating is perfect. Furthermore, if we submerge the product, as would be the case with pool letters, epoxy prevents deterioration. We brush epoxy over foam in one or two coats, though we can apply a third layer if the product needs additional protection. Epoxy is cost-efficient; however, keep in mind that it’s somewhat brittle and is sometimes more fragile than alternatives.

Another option we consider is polyurea material, which we may refer to as bed liner. This material is better for products spending an extended amount of time outside, beyond the two months allowed by epoxy. In fact, this coating is quite strong and can last for a lifetime. Polyurea material is not only durable but water-tight. It’s easily sprayed through a spraying system as well. This makes it preferred among many custom foam coating manufacturers. However, the application process is somewhat complicated. The coating material hardens within seconds, and we must clean spraying machines immediately after application. There are additional foam fabrications possible through products related to, but not identical to polyurea.

Furthermore, polyurethane coating is also popular in the industry. Often, we use this more for hobbyist projects, and it can come in rigid or semi-rigid forms. Polyurethane is more flexible, while also being tough and impact-resistant. Upon touching polyurethane, you will find it to be flexible and spongy, giving a protection and UV resistance that is quite important outdoors. It also stands up to chemicals and abrasions. Although this product sets within a matter of seconds, it takes a few hours to cure. You will be unable to sand it after curing.

Other Options

There are alternate options available in turn, including gel, fiberglass, cement, and plasters. We recommend speaking with your contract manufacturer before making a final decision. If your contract manufacturer is CTI, you’re in luck—we have plenty of experience with a variety of different products, and are happy to lead you through the process of making a final decision.

Getting to Know CTI

We know that before you commit to us, it’s important that you can trust us with your business. With that in mind, we’d love to answer some of your most pressing questions about custom foam manufacturers first.

How Does Contract Manufacturing Work?

CTI is a contract manufacturing company, which means that we act as third party manufacturers for business owners. Usually, we work with businesses that need a secondary manufacturer, versus creating products in house. We draw a contract which specifies the types of products you need made, as well as the quantity.

How Much Control Do We Have?

While you may worry about giving up control when working with us, you don’t have to. The hiring company often grants us a design or formula ahead of time, which we can follow to order. Additionally, we involve you in an initial consultation process, during which you can bring up all of your needs and concerns. We produce initial prototypes for you to examine and modify as is necessary, as well as a pilot run which you will approve before we begin full production.

What is The Difference Between Contract Manufacturing and Toll Manufacturing?

You may have heard of toll manufacturing. There is a clear difference between contract manufacturing and toll manufacturing, though they share certain similarities. However, as contract manufacturers we source and obtain the necessary materials for you. We take over even more of the responsibility than a toll manufacturer would.

Why Should I Work with CTI?

There are several advantages to working with CTI as opposed to handling manufacturing individually. For one thing, CTI can save you a significant amount of money. Rather than permanently purchasing your own machines—and for that matter training and acquiring the employees qualified to handle this equipment—you can rely on CTI to provide the equipment and functionality for you. Furthermore, CTI has the experience necessary to ensure that your results are as high quality and professionally produced as possible. Rather than working through multiple attempts before getting the results you need, you can get them quickly and efficiently.

Now that you know the basics of what working with CTI would look like, why not give us a call at 419-924-5566? Or connect here. Let’s discuss how we’ll take care of your custom foam coating needs!