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Wholesale Hot Melt Coating MachineIf you’re a small business owner, it’s quite likely that at some point or another you’ll need a wholesale hot melt coating machine. Hot melt coating is a complex process, through which we apply a layer to a substrate. We create a layer of pre-melted material, and will cool and solidify on top of the substrate itself. Typically, we utilize this process in the manufacturing industry. Think of label application and pharmaceuticals—both labels and pharmaceutical products can involve hot melt coating. You may also see the process being referred to as slot die coating, though we may also use hot melt coating for other processes. These include metering rod or roller coating.


Investing in a Wholesale Hot Melt Coating Machine

If you’re in an industry that requires this sort of application process, you may consider investing in a wholesale hot melt coating machine. Some business owners like the idea of owning their own coating machine or machines, which we use to apply coatings “in house”. While in theory this could save time and energy, the reality may be quite different. With that in mind, we’re going to look into some of the reasons why you may want to consider working with a contract manufacturer rather than acquiring a wholesale hot melt coating machine—and what the process would look like if you did decide to outsource.


What Are The Benefits of Working with A Contract Manufacturer?


There are several benefits to working with a contract manufacturer when you handle processes like hot melt coating. They include:


  1. Convenience


One of the main reasons why both small business owners and larger corporations choose to outsource processes like hot melting coating is convenience. While you may like the idea of controlling processes like coating, in reality it can be rather inconvenient to handle them in house. With contract manufacturing, you can hand the process off to another company, work with them through experimentation and test runs, and ultimately arrive at the ideal results.


  1. Cost Efficiency


Quite often, business owners buy a wholesale hot melt coating machine, or perhaps multiple machines, with the intent of cutting costs. While it may seem less expensive to pay for machines outright, you actually could end up spending more than you would expect. We can’t resolve the hot melt coating process simply through the acquisition of machines. You’ll also need to employ people to run those machines, either by hiring trained employees outright or by paying someone to train those employees. Additionally, you’ll need to source and buy the materials needed for production. Contract manufacturers can source and acquire those materials for you, and their connections may make them less expensive.


  1. Quality Control


If you aren’t familiar with a wholesale hot melt rolling machine, the production process can be quite tricky. As previously mentioned, you could acquire employees experienced with the process; but that again will cost more. If you spend less, you could end up with an inferior product, potentially resulting in a need to cancel orders. Additionally, if you ultimately deliver inferior product, the reputation of your company may be negatively impacted.


  1. Time Management


Obviously, working with a new process requires a good deal of trial and error. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to try at least one pilot run before signing off on an order, as a business owner. However, you may spend more time on that trial and error if you handle hot melt coating in house. A contract manufacturer has experience and not only delivers a better product—they’ll also deliver it in less time. Therefore, if you’re on not only a tight budget but a tight time frame, you may want to work with a contract manufacturer.


The benefits of working with a contract manufacturer are clear to us. The question is, how do you go about doing so?


How Do I Begin Working with A Contract Manufacturer?


Once you decide to work with a contract manufacturer rather than buying your own wholesale hot melt coating machine, you’ll need to decide on a manufacturer in particular. While there are contract manufacturers who work within a more limited scope, CTI currently works with clients across the nation. This allows you to outsource your projects remotely, knowing that they’ve been taken care of in a timely manner. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the product delivered because we have the knowledge and experience to back up our claims.

The CTI Process

Perhaps one of the key advantages to working with an experienced contract manufacturer is their proven process. We don’t simply take on your work immediately, making promises that we can’t deliver on. Rather, we begin our process with a conversation, discussing your needs and ensuring that we are the right fit for your company. For us, it’s not just a matter of winning your business, but creating a collaborative relationship.


From there, we move on to a research and development phase, during which we’ll experiment to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible product. Not only do we have the hot melt coating machines that you need; we also have labs ready for experimentation. Here, we can produce samples and ensure that you’re happy with the product before we begin actual production. Nonetheless, prior to production we still order a pilot run. This offers you one more chance to sign off on the product and process before it’s finalized.


The best thing about working with a contract manufacturer is that you know what to expect well ahead of production. If you want the best possible results, give us a call at 419-924-5566. Or, contact us here. Let’s discuss what we can do to simplify this process for you.