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customized laminating machineDepending upon what use they will get, some products require layers of materials that serve various functions. This is where lamination comes in. Since this technique calls for precision and specialized equipment, many manufacturers do not have the capability. Conversion Technologies International, however, offers expert custom laminating services.

Custom Laminating for Rolled Goods

Whatever products you need to laminate, we will choose the best process based on their characteristics. Because we have established partnerships with many adhesive manufacturers, we have a variety of adhesives from which to choose. We also have the ability to custom laminate together two or more materials. Our coating equipment includes:

  • Slot die
  • Gravure coating
  • Roll coater
  • Hot roll lamination
  • Belt lamination

Slot die, gravure coating, and roll coater can use bulk adhesive supplies together with controlled adhesive amounts. This enables you to control your costs. When the product requires adhesive film or a web-type adhesive, hot roll lamination is the best choice. Belt lamination is the best process for laminating sheet goods.

At CTI, we can also use a powered adhesive. This results in a stretchable lamination. And if your products could come into contact with liquids, we can laminate them with water-based adhesives.

One of our customers produces personal absorbent products. They contacted us in order to have a moisture barrier added to their absorbent material. We accomplished this by utilizing a water-based gravure method. This approach controlled the adhesive application. We then applied the lamination and made the necessary trims to the material.

Custom Lamination is Useful for Most Industries

So many products require custom laminating as part of the manufacturing process. We have helped customers in several industries with their laminating needs. These include:

  • laboratory furniture
  • cabinet partitions
  • medical equipment (including x-ray tables)
  • wall panels
  • exhibition stands
  • interior wall cladding
  • roofing
  • construction
  • automotive

Keep in mind, many industries use industrial lamination. Likely, any business utilizing manufacturing may need large laminating services at some point!

Let CTI Help with Your Lamination Requirements

We pride ourselves on providing solutions even to the most challenging problems. If you have been unsuccessful in the past getting the lamination you need, we are confident we can help. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Our complete research and development facilities are available to test various production methods. This allows companies to determine the most efficient and economical equipment for their product. Therefore, by taking this step they prevent wasted spending on the wrong production setup.