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precision die cuttingPrecision die cutting is a specialized manufacturing process that can be costly to perform in-house. Many companies find this especially true during the product development phase. After all, the initial production processes are still under scrutiny and not fully optimized. Ultimately, that’s where Conversion Technologies International can help.

CTI is a full-service contract-based conversion manufacturer of rolled and sheet goods. To give our clients the flexibility they need, we’ve designed a streamlined modular manufacturing process. Furthermore, laminating and coating are not the only services we offer. We’re also proud to offer high-quality slitting and die cutting services.

Precision Die Cutting Expertise

CTI offers precision die cutting and slitting as follow-up processes to our lamination and coating services. Our state-of-the-art Atom flatbed die cutters are set up for maximum flexibility and cost-efficiency. Moreover, this configuration offers several advantages over competitors’ press and rotary die cutting tools.

  • Lower tooling costs enable production of test run products for research and development
  • Flexible and versatile pre-production process makes complex cuts easier and more efficient
  • Excellent performance in cutting thick materials, up to ⅝”
  • Superior cutting speed capable of 15 strokes per minute
  • Easily modified to produce kiss cut products
  • Cuts rolled materials up to 60” wide and sheet materials up to 42” x 60”

Other Cutting Services from CTI

However, die cutting is just one of many processes in our manufacturing chain. In addition to our lamination and coating services, we have a range of slitting and cutting technologies available. This start-to-finish modular configuration is key to CTI’s success. Consequently, by offering a fully configurable rolled goods conversion line, we produce what other contract manufacturers can’t. Those include the below services.

  • Slitting and rewinding: our Dusenbery slitter and rewinder machines can handle a variety of materials up to 65” wide.
  • Sheeting services: we can easily convert materials including foam, fabric, and cardboard into custom-sized sheeting.

If you’re searching for the best die cutting factory, consider our team. Ultimately, when you need true precision die cutting done flexibly and efficiently, CTI has the equipment and the expertise that clients rely upon and trust. Our friendly and professional staff is happy to answer questions. Call us at 419-924-5566 or email sales@conversiontechnologies.com.