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Fabric Die CutterManufacturing products often requires an extra step to ensure that they are ready for the market. From crucial processes to value-added benefits, these enhancements can determine success or failure. However, many manufacturers lack the equipment or expertise to properly apply these additional components. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) helps manufacturers finish these products for a successful run in the marketplace. CTI has built its reputation on innovative technology and unmatched service. They offer adhesive coatings to everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies. CTI is also the industry expert in slitting and die cutting services. For companies in need of fabric die cutter services, look no further.

Fabric Die Cutter

For years, CTI has led the way in adhesive coating and lamination services. As a result of customer requests, they also developed slit and die cut services. They built a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with multiple flat-bed die cutters for fabric die cutter projects and more. As such, they can use the right tool to cut from both sheet and rolled form. But that’s not all. CTI’s unique facility offers unparalleled design customization. They can cut materials up to 5/8” in thickness. Plus, they can handle sheet sizes of up to 40” X 60” and rolled shape materials up to 60” wide.

CTI has the experience to handle the reigns. For customers that prefer to be hands-off, CTI can lead the way to deliver on time and on budget. In fact, they have built their company on convenience, efficiency, and self-sufficiency. Turnaround times vary on complexity of the project, typically between 1 to 6 weeks. However, CTI has the experience and capabilities to complete a project on a tight turnaround schedule for customers. Just contact them for more information. Plus, they are well-versed in shipping projects of all sizes, to destinations across the globe.

Test Out New Materials and Techniques

One of the most valuable services CTI offers is part of their unique process. They offer a state-of-the-art research & development facility. Here, clients can test out new materials and techniques that can deliver tremendous value to any product. Best of all, CTI supplies the equipment and expertise. They can do most of the heavy lifting and all of the fabrication, based on client needs.

Plus, this service is available at a number of different stages. Depending on the stage, CTI can provide assistance with development of materials and bonding requirements. This can make a huge difference in the outcome of the product. Plus, their experts oversee the entire process, saving clients valuable time and manpower. No other company offers this combination of technical assistance and cutting-edge technology. This is an invaluable service when it comes to preparing a new product or improving an existing one. Fees for this service are based on specific engineering and required lab resources. Why make huge investments in machinery and operators, when CTI can handle some of the technical production aspects for you?

The Industry Leader

A service is only as good as the company that provides it. That’s why CTI has built its reputation on dependability and reliability. They have been helping all different sizes of customers for decades. No matter what challenge a client faces, CTI can help solve it. That’s why so many clients are referrals or repeat customers.

Ready to get started? Just fill out their quick and easy-to-use quote form. Soon after you fill out this form, they will be in touch. During the initial consultation, you’ll see what makes them the industry leader. It starts with unmatched expertise but is backed by an unparalleled commitment to service. Through it all, CTI is a consultative partner dedicated to customers’ success.

So, give them a call today at 419-924-5566 for more information.